Introducing Narcisse Theme

Narcisse is like a drop of fresh clear water on a hot summer day. It’s fresh, it’s minimalistic, and very versatile at the same time. You can easily pull off a fashion magazine look, with airy, clean layouts, solely focused on highlighting imagery & projects, OR opt in for a more elegant, rich wedding style design through colors & fonts, that swipe any future bride right off her feet.

Don’t believe it?

See for yourself here – Narcisse Wedding stylekit and Narcisse Editorial stylekit.

New theme: Narcisse website design for photographers, wedding, fashion, portrait, editorial, fine art, lifestyle, 2 stylekits

By the way, you get both styles once you purchase Narcisse.

If you buy it before September 2nd – it’s $80 OFF!

Use code EarlyNarcisse a checkout.

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3 Exciting New Features

Obviously, as all our themes, Narcisse is packed with tons of features, 2 beautiful stylekits, 16 pre-designed layouts, a drag & drop page builder with 50+ blocks to use as lego and build your own unique pages, and plenty of other customization options & mobile enhancement that will blow your mind. This theme will easily adapt to your own, unique brand, highlighting your portfolio & personality. At the same time, there are 3 particular features unique to this theme that we’d like you to check out:


You’re going to love this! It’s basically an inspiration board creator for your clients, which not only helps better understand their expectation and taste – but also creates better engagement and interaction on your website. The LookBook allows your clients to create a collection of images directly from your galleries, and save them as an inspiration board. This board can be downloaded as a PDF file and shared with you, as reference to the type of images they like and want to get. Say goodbye to “Hey, I gathered a Pinterest board for you to recreate”, the LookBook will help you avoid it.

To check out the LookBook feature in action, simply access Narcisse’ Demo, in the menu, go to Portfolio and choose any Gallery. Once you’re on the Gallery page, scroll through the images, and you will notice the “Add to LookBook” icon, as shown in the image below.

Narcisse weddinh photography website design Miks Sels photography, Lookbook option

Each gallery will have this option. All you have to do, is browse through, click “add to lookbook” and the images that you like will be added to your LookBook (inspiration board). When done, simply access your LookBook in the top right corner of your website, as shown in the image below.

You will notice that the number displayed changes depending on how many images you’ve added to your board.

Narcisse weddinh photography website design Miks Sels photography, Lookbook option, rustic outdoors wedding

By clicking on the LookBook icon at the top right of your screen, you’ll land on a page similar to this one (see below):

Narcisse weddinh photography website design Miks Sels photography, Lookbook option 2

In here you will find all the images you’ve saved, you can drag and drop them into reorder, delete any if you’ve changed your mind, and then download it as a PDF file. Voila!

At the same time, if you don’t need this feature, you can easily disable it, or customize the way it looks (colors, fonts, text copy). It is all up to your own taste and desires!


This feature allows your clients to browse your galleries quickly (use Gallery type D), without ever having to leave the Portfolio page. Check it out here. Once you click on any gallery, it opens in a sleek pop-up slider, with a customizable background color (depending on your brand colors) in case you want to add some boldness or a soft, minimalistic feel to your image collection.

Narcisse website design for fashion, editorial and portrait photographers, quick look feature

Night/Day mode

This is the customizable background color, for quick viewing galleries in a pop-up slider (described above). You can set it to a default color – Black or White in our example, but your viewers also get the option to choose, since the switcher is always there. This feature is available with Gallery C, D and the LookBook, and you can disable it, if you prefer to keep things simple. However, enabling it, adds a playful design touch to the user experience on your website.

Narcisse website design for fashion, editorial and portrait photographers, night & day feature

Who is Narcisse for?

This theme was created to accommodate not only the needs of Wedding photographers, Fine Art photographers, Portrait and Film photographers (since it’s a vertical image friendly design), but also the exquisite preferences and needs of Fashion, Editorial, Boudoir & Commercial photographers. Lifestyle bloggers & minimalist lovers should definitely give it a try as well, as Narcisse is a theme for self expression, meant to accentuate your style, branding and aesthetic taste.

Are you one of the above, or know someone who is? Send them this link and let them fall in love, especially with layouts such as Blog E, which offers a quick and mesmerizing overview/teaser for the image collection inside a post. It’s a very engaging, storytelling type of portfolio listing.

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Early Birds get a Bigger Discount

As mentioned earlier, those who get Narcisse before Sunday, September 2nd – will enjoy $80 OFF this beautiful website theme. The code is EARLYNARCISSE.
Claim this offer here.

Special thank you to Miks Sels and Stephanie Williams for their amazing photography, featured in Narcisse’s demo site.


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