Loyalty Discount: Upgrade to any theme for $199

flothemes loyalty-discount. get any theme for only 199

Flothemes is and aims to be a small successful business with a core focus on providing the best (we are biased!) website themes for the photography industry. Our brand grew faster than we anticipated. We are proud to support over 20,000 of talented photographers and creatives globally.

With all that said, we started out with a simple pricing policy “Buy once and the theme is yours.” No ongoing monthly or annual renewal fees. We also stood by our ongoing support policy. We have always defended our policy regardless of what other businesses or consultants suggested.

We wanted to stick to our core belief from the very start. Changing to a subscription model, or limiting free support to 6 – 12 months doesn’t fit our core beliefs. Once you buy a theme, it is yours. You can use it for 3 months, 3 years or more, it’s up to you.

Fast forward, this year we will be celebrating our 5th birthday, and while we have always offered discounts and opportunities for new and existing clients, we’ve never had a fixed price on any theme for Flo users. Today we change that!

Flothemes Loyalty Discount

Introducing our Loyalty Discount for all clients, to use within 12 months of purchase for any additional theme of choice. This means you can purchase a second or third theme with a fixed $199 rate, without having to wait for a sale and special discount to appear. That is an extra $80 saving off any theme. Our principle behind this is that the discount will help cover your hosting fees and help you stay current and competitive with new website trends, enhancements and updates.

Furthermore, we are introducing a new service setup package exclusive to existing Flothemes users. We aim to make your ongoing experience with our products and theme switch process as painless and time efficient as possible. Find more details about this package here.

Finally, the best part…

How to take advantage of the new Loyalty Discount?

Simply log into your Flothemes account (the one you used to purchase your last theme) and once logged in, all themes will show the new price rate – $199. If you don’t see the new price, it means you’ve purchased outside of the 12 months period or are logged into a different account.

As this is a new launch, we have extended this loyalty code to anyone who has purchased from January 2017. You have 1 month to benefit from the $199 rate. After August 25th only those who’ve bought within 12 months will be able to benefit from the Loyalty Discount.

We strive to continue to support you and maintain our One Time Purchase policy. Our Loyalty rates are meant to help those who regularly update their sites, to make the process more affordable and streamlined, without affecting those of you who want to use your Flotheme for as long as you can.

Do you have any Questions? Feeling confused? We are happy to answer any and all questions here: www.flothemes.com/contact

Thank You,
Flothemes Team

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