Jac The Hitcher | Doing weddings your way | FloInsider Ep #29

Welcome to the 29th episode of FloInsider – a podcast for photographers and creative business owners who seek inspiration and a fresh perspective on how to run their business, navigate this weird time that we all live in, and find meaning and happiness in their daily routines. 

Jac the Hitcher Making Weddings Your Way FloInsider

This week’s guest is Jac The Hitcher – a wedding celebrant unlike anyone you know. Jac’s approach to weddings is different from your average wedding celebrant in a suit and tie. She loves to break every wedding rule in the book, runs Damned Romantic with her friend Ben from Kings & Thieves, and even sells her own celebrant merch

We chat about the importance of establishing a strong brand voice, with clear guidelines of how your brand speaks, looks, and shows up online. Tune in – you’re about to get inspired!

A few cliff notes from our chat with Jac:

  • Make your brand memorable – people should not forget you. How can you make it happen? Jac did it with her own merchandise that other celebrants can buy and wear.
  • Question traditions and the way things have always been done. That’s another way of standing out from the crowd.
  • Branding is more than just a cool logo. Let your branding seep into every single part of your business: design, tone of voice, communication, gifts, down to the way you dress, and everything else you can think of.
  • Personify your brand: whether you attribute your own personality to it, or create a new, fictional one – it better be strong and clearly defined.
  • How are you going to help your target client to achieve their goal? Do your website and branding answer the questions your potential clients may have? Or is your branding, website, and communication all about you? There’s only one correct answer to these questions.

Follow Jac’s work via her website jacthehitcher.com and Instagram: instagram.com/jacthehitcher.
You can also connect with her via damnedromantic.com.
Ben, from Kings & Thieves can be found here: kingsandthieves.com.au

Thank you to our podcast host, Oli Sansom.
Follow him via one of his websites:
olisansom.com ,
briarsatlas.com ,
strangeatlas.co ,
or via Instagram: instagram.com/olisansom


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