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Lukas Piatek had a very interesting approach for his website. He is one of the founders of a very popular Facebook and online photography community, called Lookslikefilm. While being the front man behind this amazing brand, and having so many people see his work and his influence, it was difficult to reposition himself and be unique within this large creative community, where many photographers wanted to shoot in a similar style and replicate his aesthetics.

While our ultimate goal with the new website design was to accurately target his clientele, focus on destinations and fulfill the type of work he wanted to do in the future, it was also more of an internal objective to differentiate him from everyone else. We created a Style Kit based on his custom branding, to provide him with a style direction on how to position his brand so it works for his multi-destination clientele, located all around the world, speaking different languages, and coming from various cultural backgrounds. Then we proceeded to create the website itself, which really evolved and excelled his wedding photography business. At least that’s what he told us (*wink)

Lukas-Piatek-custom photography-website-design-by-Flothemes, Iceland black and white portrait session

Want to hear directly from Lukas how the new design affected his business? We were lucky to catch him during his own honeymoon and ask a few questions:

Lukas, how was it working with Flothemes on your new website?
There was a reason why I picked Flothemes and that was the service they offer, which was exceptional as always. We already worked on some sites for
LOOKSLIKEFILM and therefore Flo was my only choice and I could not have picked better. I came up with the idea of a very dark website, different to the usual wedding artist website, and what your team created was simply outstanding.

What was the ultimate goal for this website redesign?
The ultimate goal for me was to stand out in the crowd with the dark site that I already mentioned. In order to be seen, you need to be different and people need to remember you when they visit your site. An almost completely black wedding photographer site is surely something they won’t forget. I also tried to showcase my destination weddings better and the interactive world map that shows where I already shot and will be shooting fits perfectly onto the site and in my redesign.

After launching your new site, did it in any way influence your business?
My site is surely something that people remember… many told me that once they visited it. Even a few wedding photographers mentioned that it is one of the coolest sites they have ever seen. That makes me happy. My traffic definitely went up, and I have way more inquires than before. Im not sure if that is because of the site, but let’s just assume it is the reason (smiles).
I get way more page views, and it seems that there’s something interesting for the couples, when they visit my site. I am also madly in love with the custom price list that I created with the FloHub and can not believe what I did before it. If I will ever do a new site, I am surely going to work with Flothemes again.

Now, time to check out the end result of this beautiful and fruitful collaboration. See below some snippets from Lukas Piatek’s website, or take a look at it live here

Lukas-Piatek-custom photography-website-design-by-Flothemes

custom-packages-flothemes, website design, Ashley Ludaescher Photography

Design is much more than just a pretty layout with nicely combined typography – it’s a strategy made visual, a beautiful solution to help position and showcase your business and brand. It can tell your stories, reflect your personality, emphasize your vision and aesthetic. If you love how Lukas Piatek’s website turned out, have questions about your current brand positioning and types of clients you attract, or/and would like to discuss a few design ideas for your own site – leave us a message here. Let’s brainstorm together!

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