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Earlier, in December, we had the opportunity to interview Heather Hall, the Co-Founder of Maid Of Social, and satisfy our curiosity about this new hot service that she and Samantha Roberts are offering. Two best friends, and former bridal editors who met at The Knot – the world’s largest bridal publication, noticed the tendency of wedding guests posting online only photos of themselves. Therefore, vendors missing out on potential clients as well as couples having to wait for a few weeks/months to share some good photos from their special day. That’s when Heather and Samantha identified the need for a catch-all social media service and founded Maid Of Social.

Intrigued and wondering why would a client require a photographer and Maid Of Social? Keep reading!

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Heather, can you tells us what is Maid Of Social?

Maid of Social is a service providing quality social media interaction for couples or vendors on a wedding day or other luxe events. We work closely with all vendors involved to coordinate a social media and PR strategy promoting the amazing work that goes into making an event so special.

What types of services & packages do you offer?

Our packages are very customizable because every couple and event is different. Before committing to a project we hop on the phone as a courtesy and make sure everyone is on the same page, then suggest options from there. However, we do have base package pricing available on our website.

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Who are your clients? Photographers, brands or people who have an event?

The MOS client varies from brides and couples wanting social media coverage on their wedding day, to wedding vendors looking to highlight their work. Even high profile celebrities want someone to coordinate social media efforts with their publicists.

Why hire both, a photographer and MOS?

The photographer and videographer have a specific job: to document the happenings and emotions of the day. Maid of Social adds a level of public relations that acts as a liaison between vendors and the client. For a successful social media campaign on the wedding day we want to provide brands associated with the event (i.e. wedding dress designer, shoe designers, florists, cake baker, stationary designer, etc.) professional photos. Whether they are from personal iPhones or the photographer, there is lots of activity going into the couple’s wedding hashtag for the internet world to follow along. We want to help brands find couples and increase visibility to everyone involved and their hard work.

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Which social channels do you use and what is the impact?

Instagram has been our primary platform focus, but we also take over Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts. We’ve seen the strongest impacts on Instagram, especially with the new IG Stories capabilities. One wedding we did reached over 2M impressions just on Instagram!

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Can you share a few names of people & events you’ve worked at?

Most recently we worked with Reggie Bush for his Celebrity Charity Foundation Weekend to cover and promote the sporting events and coordinate PR efforts related to social media coverage. We’ve also strategized and managed the social media coverage for a handful of luxury conferences.
Earlier this year we worked with the founder of proposal website, Stacy Tasman, to coordinate the social media for her wedding day.

What do you enjoy the most about your work at MOS?

I love showcasing people’s talent and passions. It’s amazing to see a vendor get new business leads because of something seen on social media that we helped push out. And it’s so much fun bringing joy to a bride’s face when she sees how much love she’s receiving from friends, family, and strangers on social media!

Lastly, where can we find you and follow your adventures?

Let’s connect on Instagram at @heatherhallm @themaidofsocial

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