Best Posts & Photographer Interviews of 2016

2016 is gone. It was a great year, dedicated to education, new opportunities and growth. We’ve shared multiple guides, interactive articles, inspirational client interviews, a SEO ebook, and many more useful and entertaining resources. In case you’ve missed any of them due to work, traveling or internet detox, here’s a quick list of our Best Articles and Photographer Interviews from 2016. Grab cup of coffee or tea and Enjoy!


Best Lightroom presets for photographers - tribe archipelago

Best Lightroom Presets

This year we’ve covered, reviewed and given away a few of your favorite presets by some of the most awesome brands and photographers in the market. If you’re sitting on the fence, wondering which preset will fit your editing style best, check out our article about Tribe Red Leaf & Tribe Archipelago Presets, featuring Ryan Longnecker, Don & Helen, Kevin Klein and Loren & Chris’ presets (members of your favorite Lookslikefilm community). Also see our post from the brilliant Ben Sasso, talking about Building a Recognizable Style, and the awesome Katch Silva, sharing her knowledge and tips on editing your images and Understanding how your Presets Work. 

why you should update your site, website for photographers

9 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Site

Would you greet your clients in an old, messy office, with broken furniture and interior design that doesn’t match your taste? Probably not! Then why would you keep a website that does not reflect and promote your brand and style? Besides, an outdated website might be perceived as “dead” by search engines, if there have been no updates and “life” on it for a long time. This could harm your SEO and Google Ranking. Stay ahead of the game, check whether any of these 9 Reasons applies to you and your website.


9 Website Mistakes that Repel Your Clients

Did you know that you only have about 8 seconds to impress your potential customers? Then you need to hold that interest to keep them scrolling through your website, hoping that they will convert into a client. As if that doesn’t already sound like Mission Impossible, turns out a lot of creatives also loose points on very simple mistakes while designing their website. Some seem obvious, others not so much. Find out whether you’re making any of these 9 Most Common Mistakes when Designing Your Website. 

5 inspirational photography websites you need to see, wordpress themes, india earl, jennifer sosa, codyand allison

5 Inspirational Websites series

January is the perfect time to analyze the past year, identify your strong and weak spots and use them to build a stronger, better strategy before the new season kicks in. This includes curating your portfolio, updating and improving your website, as well as putting some new ideas together for online and offline promotion. We’re here to help with the website part. Check out Part One, Two and Three of our Photography Websites You Need To See series. Each provides you with a great dose of ideas and inspiration for your own website design, as well as a better understanding of the possibilities and functionalities that your Flotheme can offer.

Hashtags that work. Get more Instagram likes

How to Find Instagram Hashtags that Work

A quick guide on How to Find Instagram Hashtags that Work for those who are still trying to figure out the benefits that Instagram has to offer. The article explains the main reasons why you need to use hashtags, what is the optimal number, how to choose the relevant ones and how to find the popular ones from within your industry. If you want to dive deeper into the Insta world, find out what are the Perks of Switching to an Instagram Business Account.

Client Interviews

And here are some of the most popular, inspirational and entertaining Interviews with Flothemes Clients that we’ve featured in 2016. Enjoy, as the wisdom, experience and awesomeness of each of these photographers is larger than life:

Secret Ingredient from India Earl

India Earl Photography

10 things Photography Has Taught Me with Marko Marincovic

Marko Marinkovic, 10 things photography has taught me

The DOs & DON’Ts of Photography with Don & Helen, Liene Petersone and Rares Ion

Don & Helen photography flothemes


Learning about Presets and What they Do with Katch Silva

Katch Silva Presets. How Presets Work. Lightroom

How to Get Clients You Really Want with Dylan M Howell

flothemes, dylan m howell, how to get clients that you want

We hope each of these posts has offered you a good dose of inspiration, tips and food for thought for 2017. If you have a different favorite posts from 2016, do let us know in the comments below. Also, tell us what topics and which photographers you’d be interested to read more about this year.

With Love,
Flothemes Team.

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