2016 Review

Happy New Year Flo Friends!

Over the last several years, we have been fortunate to work with thousands of amazing creatives from all around the world. They keep inspiring and shaping us as a brand. Flothemes has transformed from just 3 people back in January 2014 to 16 amazing & hardworking team members in December 2016. We like to think of Flothemes as an experience, you don’t just redesign your website, but rather reinvent the online presence of your brand. We don’t just build, release and move on to the next product, we want to continue to empower you to manage your site with our documentation and support. Making your life easier is our ultimate goal.
That being said, 2016 has been a year of growth and changes for Flothemes. If you’re curious to know what we’ve been up to, where things are moving and what to excitedly look forward to in 2017, keep scrolling:



As a company strongly focused on design, aesthetics and user experience, we knew that along with all the new gorgeous themes coming out, it was time to rebrand and give a facelift to our own awesome website. The new Flothemes branding tastefully embraces and accentuates the refined, elegant approach with which we design all our Flo products.



Our drag and drop pricing builder plugin Public Beta was successfully launched in 2016, and hundreds of Flothemes users have tested it out. Thousands of beautiful pricelists have been created, and shared publicly or privately with their clients and prospects. Our team has been working diligently for the past 6 months to add more exciting features, layouts and functionalities, as well as polish the HUB’s interface. We can’t wait to officially release FloHUB in 2017 and reinvent the whole concept of building beautiful and interactive pricelists!



As you know we’ve been creating and sharing multiple posts, tutorials and resources on ways to optimize your site and improve your SEO settings. However, we realize that some of you would rather hire an expert to perform an analysis, identify the main weaknesses and come up with solutions and strategies to improve that. We’re happy to inform you that in 2017 we’ll be releasing FloSEO, a series of services to help you improve your site’s performance and get more leads.

floseo- search engine optimization services packages

We are excited, since 2017 will be an active year for Flothemes! We are working on releasing more beautiful, new themes in the early months, and will also be pushing new features and enhancements for our clients. One last, but important news in case you’ve missed it – we are introducing some changes to our pricing, which will take effect on January 15th. Read more details here. If you want to benefit from the old prices and save 30% on any theme, use the code: NewSite30

With Love,
Flothemes Team.

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