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We have an Announcement that you should take time to read. It’s related to Flothemes pricing changes.

With a New Year approaching, changes are coming. 2017 is planned to be a big year at Flothemes and we’re excited to keep releasing new themes and several unique products to the market, as well as continue providing the best possible customer service to clients all around the world. With that said, we have taken time to review our current offerings and to make adjustments where necessary. To best serve your needs, add more value to services and to improve the overall experience of building a new site, we have decided on some small pricing changes to several products and services.



First things first, Flothemes always aimed to provide ongoing support to our clients whether that be within the first weeks of setting up your new theme or 2 years after using our product. Unless requests go outside of our support help we offer ongoing support for free. As a non subscription type of business that is a huge risk to take as we are unable to project our growth or profit from each product sold until support rolls in. As our aim is to grow, to extend our support team internationally to cover more timezones, languages and provide quicker turnaround times, we have a commitment to providing high quality standards to you as clients, and that has a high internal cost.

Truth is, we, like any business need to stay profitable to continue support, maintain and be able to invest into creating new products and services that we can bring to the market. While we’re proud of the fact that we’ve been able to maintain a small team and tackle as much as we do, we’re excited to be growing quickly and with that comes hiring, more support, larger expenses, more responsibility etc. We have taken the hardest route to provide you with a unique experience, whereby we design and build our own themes, we do not design using another third party platform, and we support, maintain and create our own content all in-house. We want to keep our prices fair and easy to understand. Therefore to find a humble balance our new theme rates will be $279 for all themes.

This will effect all themes both at $199 and $229 currently. This will also solve any pricing communication problems between our theme rates keeping them all at one price point. All New Themes will be $279, with the plans of releasing several limited exclusive premium designs in the future.

We will also be introducing a new pricing tier for repeat, existing and new clients who require multiple themes or update their site often, to be more affordable to experience different themes as they release. This package will be an annual package for $499, and will allow clients to choose up to 3 different themes a year. We will be releasing this package by the end of January 2017.

This keeps in line with what our brand is about. We offer premium themes based on design, not just technical specifications. We hope this will make it easier when deciding which theme to get for your brand.


We believe that Flothemes is more than just beautiful website designs, it’s an experience. That’s why support means a lot for us, and top notch customer service is part of our mission statement. To do this we offer Installation packages, so that we can help you build the website you’ve always wanted, while enjoying the process and getting used to WordPress. Doing so takes a lot of work, and to allow us to continue and improve on our processes with our clients, we’ve had to make some updates to our packages. After setting up several thousand clients with their new Flothemes, we have reworked a new updated process that will require more time and work on our side, but it will also allow us to bring more face-time and value to you, our clients.

We’re moving towards educating our users through video screen sharing sessions, which will allow for real time edits and updates. It is something that we did not offer in the past. We hope this will significantly simplify and improve the learning curve for you, especially if you are new to WordPress and learning more about Flothemes has never been easier.. Also, with our new advanced installation services you will not only be getting help with your site setup, but we’ll educate you on how to best manage and use it after the site is launched.

As we are adding more live time with your Flotheme team member for your setup, to ensure that each client receives a similar fair service – we will be limiting the number of setups we accept monthly.

Our New Packages and rates are listed here.


2016 was an interesting year, we started offering full Custom Design services to our clients unofficially as a test run before Officially sharing our pricing and packages officially for 2017. That is a unique custom design and functionality including the implementation of that design, built on one of our themes. This allowed us to create remarkable, unique websites for our clients, while keeping the simple backend functionality that they’re familiar with already, and benefiting from the ongoing updates and support. Thus ensuring a pleasant user experience and easy site management after the website is launched.

With increased interest and demand for our Custom Design packages, as well as positive feedback – we had to review the pricing half way through 2016. We can only take a finite number of projects per month to ensure a high quality service, tailored to the needs of each client and brand. During 2016 we offered 2 packages and we learnt that most clients required brand updates as well as custom sites. After fulfilling close to 100 custom projects in 2016, we have restructured our custom package offerings into 3 tiers suitable for each client’s expectations and budget.

Package One: 4 Page Custom Design and Theme Setup – $3500

Includes: Up to 4 Custom Built site pages and the rest of the site setup inside theme options. These Pages include a Design Mockup with feedback rounds. Client must provide brand logo files, colors and fonts prepared. This is a suitable package if you have freshly rebranded and want a unique site design.

Package Two: 6 Page Custom Design and Theme Setup plus Style Kit – $5800

Includes: The same as Package One plus 1 additional custom page and a style kit. This package is suitable for those who want to keep their logo but update their styling (fonts, colors, aesthetic/tone) and then have a custom site designed only for them.

Package Three: 6 Page Custom Design and Theme Setup plus Brand Kit – $10000

Includes: The same as Package Two plus 1 additional custom pages and a full rebrand. This package is suitable for those who want to completely reposition themselves and invest into an updated aesthetic and unique site design to match the businesses refresh.

What a Page can be. Eg. 4 pages could be the following; Home, Galleries, Blog & About.

Custom Page Add-Ons will be $699 each.

Booking Clients for February 2016 Here.

We never intend to spring pricing changes on anyone, so the increased prices will take effect on January 15th, giving you plenty of time to shop any of the themes at their current price. The Advanced warning is the least we can do to prepare you on changes and also service updates.

Flothemes Team.

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