4 New Style Kits for Porto & Evora

We want to help you succeed in your photography business. We believe that a website that stands out, is memorable and knows how to promote your work can help increase your sales, hence ensure growth & prosperity for your brand.

For that reason, we keep improving & enhancing our existing products, to offer you more possibilities & better tools for presenting your business online. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to 4 mesmerizing new style kits for 2 of our popular website themes, Porto & Evora. You’ll be thrilled to know that we’ve also added new blocks and existing Porto & Evora users will get them for free with the update!

Now, it’s time to knock off your socks with some previews and quick overview of each style kit. But first, allow us to quickly explain what a Style Kit is and how it works, as we know that many of our new users may find this confusing.

What’s a Style kit?


Great question. You might have noticed that most of our themes display not 1 but 2 or 3 demos sites. Each style is very different in terms of looks & feel, yet built with the same theme and page layout structure. A style kit is a design direction created by our team, to help you get a certain vibe & look for your website with one simple click. It’s also meant to help you visualize how the same theme can completely change its look, just by applying different branding to it, basically it changes fonts, colors, icons, and a different portfolio. This is how flexible and customizable they are! Now imagine if you start playing with the default layouts, adding new blocks and reordering the existing ones. You get a fully custom & unique look at the price of a template!

How Style kits Work?


If you’re curious to see which style kits your theme has, go to Flotheme –> Style –> Style Kits section in side your dashboard. You’ll find a section similar to the one displayed below. Choose the style kit you want applied to your site and click on Apply Style Kit.

At this point, the chosen Style Kit will be applied to your site. However, you are still able to make Font and Color changes within this Style Kit to create your own new one. If you’re not sure if you want this new look, but would like to give it a try, save your current style kit (with all the customizations you’ve made while setting it up) before applying a new one. In this way, you can always return to your old one – if needed. More details on how to work with style kits and save them.

4 New Stylekits for Your Website


Let’s dive into the most exciting part of this article! We’ll introduce you to our 4 new designs and give you an overview on the new page blocks that we’ve added to Porto & Evora. As mentioned earlier, both new and existing clients who use these 2 themes will get the new style kits and blocks for FREE!

Porto Marble

Porto Marble is a stylish, elegant design that screams “timeless classiness” all the way! If your photography work is more refined and sophisticated – you will love this!

See Demo

Special thank you to Danilo & Sharon for their stunning images featured in Porto Marble style kit.

Porto Amber

Porto Amber is a fun, slightly moody, yet warm & inviting design for family & kids photographers who love a raw, honest & documentary approach to their imagery. This style kit will mesmerize you with its energetic & hearty character.

See Demo

Special thank you to Jayme Ford for her stunning images featured in Porto Amber style kit.

Evora Charm

Evora Charm is evocative & expressive! If you’re a lifestyle, commercial photographer, or a fashion blogger, Evora Charm will present your work and galleries in a stylish, memorable & juicy way.

See Demo

Special thank you to Marcela Cerbon for her stunning images featured in Evora Charm style kit.

Evora Rustic

When modern meets classic, you get this earthy, soothing website design, so perfectly suited for wedding, family & travel photographers.

See Demo

Special thank you to Phil Chester for his stunning images featured in Evora Rustic style kit.

New Blocks for Porto & Evora


We’ve listened to your ideas, feedback and requests based on your experience with our themes, and created new beautiful blocks with more CTAs, more creative displays of links, important pages and packages.

If you’re running a sale or have an important announcement to make – add a top banner to your site with a button on it for More Info. Promote your lead magnets, free guides or checklists and collect emails from potential clients.

Need to show some exciting stats or facts, we have just the right block for that!
Check out the full list of New Blocks for Porto here, and for Evora here.

And before you ask whether other themes will be getting new exciting style kits, the answer is YES. We have more new concepts in the pipelines for other themes too (Fiji & Lvy already got updates), so be patient as we work on those at the end of 2018 and roll them out early 2019.

How to get these Stylekits?


If you’re an existing Porto or Evora user, simply update your theme to its latest version and the style kits and new blocks will be added to your theme. New clients or those who have other Flothemes and want these beauties for their website – get them this week, with 15% off or MORE if you also get a setup service in a bundle! All details about our Winter Offers are here.


Flothemes Team,
Empowering You.

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