Nomade | Website Design for Videographers, Photographers & Fearless Artists

This week, we’ve released 4 beautiful new website designs, packed with gorgeous aesthetics, fresh layouts, and sales-driven blocks. These themes are – Nomade, Nessa, Zephyr and Ember.

And since many of you want to snag these themes with our sweet 35% OFF discount for Black Friday, we thought you’d be curious to get a proper introduction for each of the 4 designs, starting with Nomade

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Meet Nomade | A website design for videographers, photographers & fearless artists

Nomade is a website design that intrigues with its elegance, boldness and enigmatic temper. It combines a soothing, earthy calmness with a fearless, confident attitude. The perfect mix to present you as a trustworthy professional, who has a charismatic, inviting personality. 

Who is Nomade for?

Nomade was built for filmmakers, destination photographers, and active educators who seek a tasteful and impactful online presentation for their brand. 

It will beautifully complement those who have a moody style, yet don’t cross off your list if you have a light, fine-art portfolio. This theme can beautifully adapt to an airy, timeless portfolio and branding. See for yourself in the Customization Examples section below.

Why Nomade is an amazing website design for videographers & photographers?

Nomade’s layouts and blocks support imagery, videos (self-hosted and embeds), and GIFs. You can also add various animation effects to create movement and enhance the browsing experience of your clients. 

Apart from that, Nomade was designed with a narrative approach. We wanted to make sure that you have the right page templates to tell your story, and present your content in a way that gets the viewer hooked and craving for more. So they keep browsing through your website, exploring pages, and gaining confidence about hiring you.

Pair the features described above with an impactful, gripping design and you have the perfect marketing and sales tool for your business.

What’s included with Nomade theme?

  • A fully customizable WordPress theme, with 20+ predesigned page layouts, 100+ unique page blocks, that you can use straight out of the box or tweak to your own needs and vision.
  • Designated Sales Driven pages to help you present products, convert leads and start conversations with prospects (Landing page templates, Resources page template, Investment page templates, Instagram Links pages, etc)
  • Nomade’s unique style kit, with an easy to manage color and typography system. You can easily tweak all colors and fonts and adapt them to your own branding. 
  • Flex editor, which allows you to personalize and customize everything inside your Flex blocks and layouts. From the size and placement of elements, to their color, opacity, and movement. Flex also allows you to create your own sections from scratch if you want to bring in new design ideas and layouts. 
  • Maximum control over your mobile website. You can tweak, edit, and adjust your site’s layout on mobile to optimize the experience users have on your site.
  • Documentation and video tutorials to guide you each step of the website creation process.

Customization Examples | How Nomade adapts to other branding

If you’re looking at Nomade’s moody, bold style and thinking “nah, this won’t look good with my airy, fine art portfolio” – you’re wrong! Just like with all our themes, Nomade was built to fit a large variety of brands and styles. We created a few quick mockups to show you how beautifully this website template adapts to various content:

A Fine Art Bridal Website Design
Photo credits: Vitor Lindo

An Earthy, Modern Website Design
Photo credits: Miks Sels

A Dark & Moody Website Design
Photo credits: Rosey Red Photography

An Elegant, Timeless Website Design
Photo credits: Emilie White

Want Nomade for your website?

Nomade is available in our shop with a fabulous Black Friday discount. Grab it from here, and use code BF2020 at cart page for 35% Off.

Special kudos go to Rosey Red Photography whose mesmerizing work is featured inside Nomade theme. We’re so excited to show you its demo site soon!

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