Best Online Education Resources for Photographers: Courses, Classes & Workshops

Learn, learn, and then learn some more. If you’re one of those photographers or videographers who’s constantly looking for new things to learn and new perspectives to gain, you’re no stranger to online courses, webinars, and workshops.

Online education became a huge trend last year. Prior to 2020, we all knew that learning online and bettering your craft from the comfort of your home is always an option. Yet, it’s only after the global lockdown when all the big events and gathering had to be postponed or cancelled, it became clear that those who want to share knowledge and those who want to receive it will always find a way to do so. Here’s where online conferences, workshop, courses, and masterclasses come in.

If you get all giddy about education, mentorships, elevating your skills and your business – this article is for you! We’ve compiled a list of 35+ online classes, workshops, and conferences for photographers and videographers. You’ll find everything from guidance and tips on posing clients, editing images, marketing your business, to growing on social media, improving SEO, and so much more. 

There is something for everyone on this list! Choose the ones you love, reach out to their creators, and start learning something new already today!

A Greater Story | Workshop by Jonas Peterson

Want to learn how to tell stories with your photography and create imagery that is meaningful for you and your clients? Join this workshop brought to you by Jonas Peterson.

Instagram: @jonaspeterson
Facebook: Jonas Peterson
Prices: $149

All Heart Education | Workshop by Stormy Solis

This online workshop created and hosted by Stormy Solis has everything you need for a successful photography business: from educational resources and training to presets, guides, and exclusive discounts on handy photography services.

Instagram: @stormysolis
Facebook: Stormy Solis Photography
Prices: $800 for All Four Seasons

Amy & Jordan’s Courses

Amy and Jordan will teach you how to take your photography business to the next level. Explore their various courses on posing, shooting and editing, business, contracts, and more.

Instagram: @amy_demos
Facebook: Amy & Jordan
Prices: Starting at $497

Arianna Harry | Courses 

Arianna Harry will teach you how to jumpstart your business, how to use Adobe Lightroom like a pro, and how to make the most out of your camera by simply choosing the right settings. Arianna’s courses are available in English and Italian.

Instagram: @callme.harry
Facebook: Arianna Harry Photography
Prices: Starting at $299

Brandi Potter | From Moonlight Education

Always wanted to master the art of double exposure? Need some posing inspiration for your couples? Brandi Potter’s guides and courses are exactly what you need!

Instagram: @madefrommoonlight
Facebook: From Moonlight
Prices: Starting at $75

Conference & Chill | Virtual Photo Gathering

The awesome folks over at Conference & Chill are always coming with hot topics and rad lineups for their virtual conferences. The upcoming one is Boudoir-themed and is for all those who want to take compelling and creative intimate photos.

Instagram: @conferenceandchill
Facebook: Conference + Chill
Date: Next online conference – February 7th, 2021
Prices: Starting at $29

Creative Caffeine by Jacob Loafman

In this course, Jacob Loafman, the guru of creative shoots, will spill all the beans about how he comes up with creative ideas, how he brings them to life, where he finds inspiration, and more!

Instagram: @jacob_loafman
Date: February 18th, 2021
Prices: $125

D’Arcy Benincosa’s Signature Courses

Pinterest marketing, shooting, and metering film, pricing – these are just a few of the wonderful courses offered by D’Arcy Benincosa.

Instagram: @darcybenincosa
Facebook: D’Arcy Benincosa Photography
Prices: Starting at $49

Eden Strader | Workshops

Eden Strader is known for her bright and bold imagery. She offers insightful workshops on lighting, posing, and working in Photoshop & Lightroom, as well as guides focused on marketing your work online.

Instagram: @edenstrader
Facebook: Eden Strader
Prices: Guides start at $59, Workshops start at $350

Elena S Blair | Courses & Webinars

Elena specializes in Family and Kids photography and is ready to share her knowledge with you by means of her courses, as well as her free photography webinars.

Instagram: @elenasblair_photography
Facebook: Elena S Blair Photography
Prices: Courses start at $99

Embracing the Storm | Course by Twyla Jones

In this course, Twyla explains how to edit your photos in a way that will get them noticed, appreciated, and loved, and speed up your workflow – whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer.

Instagram: @emotionalstorytelling
Facebook: Emotional Storytelling with Twyla Jones
Prices: $425

Filming Life Academy

Created by Courtney Holmes, Filming Life Academy is an online filmmaking school and community for photographers and videographers who want to create story-driven films for families.

Instagram: @filminglifeacademy
Facebook: Filming Life Academy
Prices: $75/month

How I Shot This App

Created by Melli and Shayne, the HIST is an educational and platform, where they fully debunk each photo that they’ve taken – from composition and lighting to camera settings, subject positioning, and the story behind it.

Instagram: @howishotthis_weddings
Facebook: How I Shot This
Prices: €12/month or €99/year

Ideaction Consulting

If you are not familiar with Sam and Katy yet – it’s time to change that! Besides offering top-notch business consulting for photographers, they also share a ton of free tips & educational resources on their blog and Instagram lives.

Instagram: @ideactionconsulting
Facebook: Ideaction Consulting

Igor Demba | Mentoring 

If you’re looking for a brilliant mentor who’ll teach you how to strengthen your business, edit your photos, have a consistent brand, and other aspects of the photographic craft – you’ve just found him, it’s Igor Demba.

Instagram: @igordemba
Facebook: Igor Demba Photography
Prices: Online mentoring sessions – start at £100. One to one sessions – start at £900

India Earl Education

India’s courses cover a lot of various topics: from posing and creating impactful GIFs, to setting up Instagram & Facebook ads and improving your SEO rating.

Instagram: @indiaearl
Facebook: India Earl Photography
Prices: Courses start at $65

Julia & Gil Education (For German Speakers)

The amazing Julia and Gil will show you just how to shoot your couples in a natural way, and how to build your photography business.

Instagram: @juliaandgil
Facebook: Julia & Gil
Prices: Workshops start at €199

Katelyn James | Courses & Resources

Lighting & location, posing and anything related to your photography business – these are just a few of the many topics Katelyn touches upon in her courses.

Instagram: @katelynjames
Facebook: Katelyn James Photography
Prices: Courses start at $149

Kelley Williams | Styled Shoot School

Kelley’s course called Styled Shoot School will teach you everything you need to know in order to create styled shoots that will be consistent with your brand and will help you scale your business.

Instagram: @kelleywphotos
Facebook: Kelley Williams Photography
Price: $595

Kyle Goldie | Courses

How to travel more and spend less? What strategies to apply for efficient Instagram growth? How to elevate your photography business and help it grow organically? Kyle Goldie knows the answers and is happy to share them in his terrific courses.

Instagram: @kylegoldie
Facebook: Photography Business Community | SEO, Websites, Marketing, Sales & More
Prices: Courses start at $297

Make it Social, not Salesy | Course by Sydney Marie

Sydney and her team have put together this fantastic course that will help you learn how to market yourself to your ideal clients and how to sell your photography services without being “salesy”.

Instagram: @sydneymariephotography
Facebook: Sydney Marie
Prices: $290

Marina Williams | Guides 

Want to start using TikTok for your photography business, or need some useful tips & tricks on how to make the most out of your Instagram? Marina’s guides will help you with that!

Instagram: @marinawphoto
Facebook: Marina Williams Photography
Prices: Starting at $14.99

Phylicia Willis | Workshops, Mentoring & Resources

Besides her free educational group called Photo Tribe, Phylicia also offers mentoring, 1:1 life shoots, posing guides, business and marketing tips, and workshops.

Instagram: @phylicia.willis
Facebook: Photo Tribe

Rise Photo Academy

Created by Dawn Charles, this membership-based educational course will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to have a successful photography business: from camera settings and editing to convincing your prospects that you are worth your price.

Instagram: @risephotoacademy_
Facebook: RISE Photo Academy
Prices: $67/month or $47/month if paid yearly

School of Visual Arts

This is a YouTube playlist with 100+ lectures by experienced photographers in various fields, such as fashion, portrait, fine-art, documentary photography, and more.

YouTube Playlist
Prices: Free

Six Figure Photography by Ben Hartley

Ben Hartley offers wonderful free resources (podcast and Facebook group) on how to scale your photography business.

Instagram: @jbenhartley
Facebook: Ben Hartley’s Six Figure Photography Mastermind – Coaching For Creatives
Prices: Free

Six-Figure Business Map | Course by Jai Long

This extensive online course created by photographer and educator Jai Long is a must for any photographer or videographer who wants to build a sustainable and authentic business.

Facebook: Jai Long
Prices: $2497

Susan Stripling’s Wedding School

This online course organized by Susan Stripling covers such aspects as photography business & finance, marketing, wedding day skills, post-production, and photo skills.

Instagram: @theweddingschool
Facebook: The Wedding School
Prices: $35/month or $299/year

Terri Baskin | Guides

In her guides, Terri Basking shares all her expertise about preparing your couples for their photo sessions and selling your services from your strength and in a natural way.

Instagram: @terribaskin
Facebook: Terri Basking Photography
Prices: Starting at $4.99

The Brittany Bruce Photography Academy

Afive-step blueprint for starting your photography business, this course covers topics like shooting & editing, posing, marketing, and more!

Instagram: @brittanybrucephotography
Facebook: Brittany Bruce Education
Prices: $997

The Collective by Katie Berg

The Collective is a collaborative group of awesome photographers. They offer free education via their Facebook group, as well as a five-week educational program that kicks off on April 28th, 2021.

Instagram: @_katieberg
Facebook: The Collective – A Photographer Community
Dates: April 28 – May 28, 2021
Prices: $115 per week, $500 for all 5 weeks

The Cultivate Experience

This education program was created by McKenzie Bigliazzi and Victoria Saint Martin, and it will equip you with everything you need, in order to become a great photographer: from a course on mastering Instagram, to guides on branding, blogging, and pricing.

Instagram: @mckenzie_bigliazzi
Facebook: McKenzie Bigliazzi Photography
Prices: Courses start at $375, Guides start at $15

The Heart University

Lindsey and Evie – founders of The Heart University – have 3 amazing courses for photographers: The Photo Major, The Posing Minor, The Content Photo Minor, as well as a Bundle of all Courses.

Instagram: @theheartuniversity
Facebook: The Heart University
Prices: Courses start at $199

The Inside Workshop by Laurken Kendall

In this one-day intensive workshop, Laruken Kendall will show you how she runs her photography business and will teach such important things as client communication, client preparation, as well as a live shoot.

Instagram: @laurkenkendall
Facebook: Laurken Kendall Photo
Prices: $1500

Unravelled Academy

When you subscribe to Unravelled Academy you get access to a massive library of courses and workshops that will help you elevate your photography skills, as well as your business.

Instagram: @unraveledacademy
Facebook: Unraveled Academy
Prices: $15/month. Use code: SQUAREMUSE to get one more for free.

Unscripted Posing App

Unscripted is an amazing app for photographers that offers hundreds of posing prompts for your photoshoots, as well as camera settings recommendations, a sun tracker, and many other cool features.

Instagram: @unscriptedposingapp
Facebook: UNSCRIPTED for photographers
Prices: $0/month for Free Version, $14.99/month for Pro Version. Use code FLOTHEMES for $20 off your subscription.

Wedding Editorials | Master Class by Elizabeth Austin

In this master class, Elizabeth Austin will teach you how to attract your ideal clientele and how to build vendor relationships that will help your business in the future.

Instagram: @elizabethaustinphoto
Facebook: Elizabeth Austin Photography
Price: $297

Shaw Photography Co.

These are 1:1 coaching focused on mindset, money, and marketing authentically. Christina Shaw offers a 4- call introductory package, as well as a full 6-months package to help photographers gain more financial freedom and navigate running their business with ease and strategy.

Instagram: @shawphotographyco
Facebook: Shaw Photography Co., Wedding & Portrait Photographers
Price: starting at $1950


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