5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Instagram

This article is brought to you by Angela Shae, an Instagram Management Agency based in Southern California, specialized in helping photographers optimize their workflows and gain more creative freedom. Discover the main reasons why many creatives choose to outsources their Instagram content planning and management + enjoy 100$ OFF your first month with Angela Shae (details below on how to claim this discount)!

The benefits of Instagram for photographers are endless. In 2020 alone, there were more than a billion monthly Instagram users worldwide, making it a huge opportunity for small businesses to use this platform to increase their brand exposure, gain new clients, and build a community around their current audience. 

If you feel that your brand should be more present on Instagram this year, but are not sure how to go about it, you are not alone. Photographers often find themselves overwhelmed with the idea of using Instagram, especially if they’re already running a small business single-handedly, covering everything from sales, marketing, accounting, to taxes, contracts and website building. 

Indeed, managing an Instagram account can be a time-consuming and complicated process. From choosing the right photos, coming up with engaging captions to studying your analytics and being up-to-date with any platform changes. There are so many things to keep in mind. Not to mention the emotional impact that the platform has on many creatives – from pressuring you into feeling that you’re not doing enough, to tricking you into an endless comparison game that results in self doubt. This is where handing over the work to someone else can truly benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. 

Below we list 5 reasons why outsourcing your Instagram to an agency can benefit your business and your well being.

1. Outsourcing Your Instagram gives you more time for your business

The biggest draw to outsourcing your Instagram is that it gives you more time for your business. You can devote more energy on other aspects of your brand such as client communication, enhancement of your photo and editing skills, marketing and of course – your website. Having someone else manage all the tedious tasks involved in having a consistent Instagram account can truly help you focus on growing your brand, instead of wasting hours and hours planning and scheduling everything out by yourself. 

Whether you choose to hire a personal assistant, a friend whom you trust, or a full spectrum Instagram management agency, it will bring you the confidence and peace of mind that your brand remains active, relevant and engaging on social media, even if you don’t log into it as often.  

Think about it, if you’re tired of constantly coming up with new ideas for posts and captions, if tracking stats, testing various types of content isn’t something that gets you excited – outsource it! You have one less thing to worry about, plus plenty of energy and motivation to work on things that help your business grow. 

2. Outsourcing Your Instagram allows you to be more present for your family and for yourself

Photographers often have to be away from family due to out-of-town sessions, full-day wedding coverage, long hours spent on editing, client communication and other business tasks. Managing your Instagram on top of that can feel like an annoying chore. As a result, your account either remains neglected or takes away the time you could have spent with your family.

Choosing to outsource your social media management will allow you to be more present and intentional with your personal time. Fill out your day with activities and people that bring you joy. This will allow you to slow down and prioritize self-care – whether that’s going to the gym, doing yoga, reading, or anything else you do to unwind. You’ll have more time for yourself and for your family.

3. Outsourcing Your Instagram allows you to avoid burnout and creative comparison

Instagram, and many other social media platforms, is built to keep you endlessly scrolling, consuming content and ads, interacting with posts and stories. You open your app to reply to a quick comment, or to post your daily image, and 3 hours later you’re still on your phone, feeling drained, miserable and questioning your whole craft and value. Unless you’ve mastered self discipline and strictly use Instagram for posting and answering questions – it’s safe to say that this social media app takes a toll on our mental health, mood and perception of self-worth. 

By hiring someone to manage your Instagram for you, you’re detaching yourself from the environment that triggers a lot of comparison and anxiety, which directly affects your motivation to create, photograph, edit, and often leads to creative burnout. 

Of course, you can also consider quitting Instagram all together. Yet before opting for such drastic measures, make sure to check your analytics and past inquiries, to identify how many of your clients come from Instagram and social media. Which leads us into reason #4 of why you should consider outsourcing your Instagram instead of quitting it.

4. More Leads Come from Instagram

There’s a growing trend of using social media platforms such as Instagram to find vendors, venues, vacation resorts, product brands, etc. Users search by keywords, hashtags and geo tags to find more information, inspiration and real client feedback. Instagram also provides an incredibly easy way to contact those brands and vendors, ask questions and get a custom quote. 

Thus, the question is not whether your photography brand should be present on Instagram, because it should. The question is – do you want to be the one managing all that content and interactions, or would you rather hand it over to a professional? Someone who is aware and follows all current and new trends, who actively uses all the proper tags (hashtags, geo locations, venue mentions, etc), optimizes your bio and captions for better discoverability and keeps your account engaging – so you’re always on the radar of your potential buyers. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

5. Instagram Managers Have Experience and Expertise in the Industry

Instagram Management is more than just updating your account – it entails a strategy that involves being consistent in your tone, visual style, range of content and engagement. 

By outsourcing the work to an expert or dedicated agency, you are assured that every aspect of your Instagram communication is taken care of – from how often you post, what brand colors you use, what stories you share, and even little details like the emojis you add. Having someone manage that strategy will help create a sense of consistency around your brand, and that consistency and professionalism is what potential clients will look for in a business. Furthermore, Instagram is constantly evolving and changing, which requires regular self-education and a deep awareness of these developments. Figuring out all of that by yourself can take up a lot of time. Given how often Instagram changes its algorithms, introduces new features, and establishes new rules – it’s a continuous learning process. 

An Instagram expert will know and keep up with all of these things because it is part of their job. This will ensure more efficient results for your accounts without you having to waste time figuring out the new algorithms and updates.

Whom should you hire to manage your Instagram account?

Angela Shae is an Instagram Management Agency, based in Southern California. Through their expertise and services, they’ve helped numerous clients grow their brand’s online presence, build lasting relationships with their audience, and convert more followers into paying customers.

How it works

They cull through hundreds of photos and curate your feed to showcase your best work, in a cohesive layout that accentuates your style. Then they write captions for these photos, create custom hashtag bundles, schedule, and post the content on your behalf.

If you’re wondering how do they ensure that the captions stay true to your authentic voice and personality. They do this by learning who you are, familiarizing themselves with your portfolio and getting to know your closest vendor relationships.They work with your calendar, to highlight the things that are happening in your professional and personal life, and create a tailored library of words and phrases, for each client, to make it sound as if you’re the one posting all along. 

All the captions get approved by you before they go up – so you’re in full control over the voice and communication of your brand. Nothing is ever generic or cookie-cutter. Each caption is personalized to match your style, your tone and the narrative of the visual. 

Apart from photos and captions, Angela Shae’s team is also constantly looking for new opportunities to increase your reach and visibility, by analyzing new trends, finding the most optimal hashtags to use and staying on top of all of Instagram’s algorithm changes. Some of their packages include handling comments and DMs, though the team highly encourages its clients to handle that part on their own, as client communication and nurturing is a key aspect of the buyer’s journey, and helps build that trustful connection with your potential customers. 

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Photographers who outsourced their Instagram say:  

Below you can find a few reviews from film and wedding photographers who hired Angela Shae to manage and curate their Instagram accounts:

“Working with Angela had undeniably changed my business. I resisted outsourcing my social media for the longest time, thinking it was something that I should be able to handle. Once I sent a desperate SOS to Angela to help with my social media, my entire business became substantially easier. Her strategic marketing and personalized approach to each of her clients allows your business to grow and run authentically, while you’re given the time to operate things smoothly in the pieces of your business that exist outside of social media. I credit hiring Angela to a significant part of my business success, and could not recommend her enough to my fellow photographers!” – Lindley Battle

“Bringing Angela on board to manage my Instagram account has been really, really helpful. She’s professional, incredibly detail oriented and does not need her hand held through the process. I can go days without checking in and have a peace of mind that content is getting posted and my account is taken care of. Knowing that I have one less thing to worry about while running a business has freed me up to focus on other things in my business, knowing she is on top of it. It’s been great working with someone I can trust is putting their whole heart into what she does.” – Braedon Flynn – CEO of Film Supply Club

“Working with Angela was seriously a game changer! As a business owner, you come to realize that you spend a lot less time doing what you’re actually passionate about than you maybe originally thought; keeping up with social media, inboxes, inquiries, etc gets overwhelming and takes time away from your true joy. Being able to pass the reins over to Angela on my social media account was such a relief! No more continuously checking my phone to reply to comments and DMs that come in all hours of the day and night. Her approach was so customized and she truly wanted to make sure my brand qualities, voice, and values were upheld which is something I didn’t find with other managers. I’m so thankful for her!” – Dani Cowan

“Angela has been so great and easy to work with! She really has an eye for beautiful layouts and seamless captions! She has completely taken the burden of Instagram off our shoulders and we are so grateful!” – Troy & Aimee Grover

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