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10+ Stellar WordPress Websites from Italy

There is one thing we know for sure about our Italian clients – they are all talented beyond belief and know how to build an outstanding online presentation. This article proves it. We’ve packed it with gorgeous website examples built by photographers, videographers, planners, and floral designers, all based in Italy and all created with Flothemes, on WordPress. 


Italians are known for their passionate and artistic nature. No wonder why every aspect of Italian art, from fashion and paintings to cinema and photography – is exceptional. In this article, we’ve collected 14 stellar websites all built by Italian creatives. 

Are you also a Flothemes client based in Italy? Want to be part of this list? We’d love to see your website – send us a message!

The Ferros | Wedding Photographers | Built with Mono theme


Carolina Serafini | Wedding Photographer | Built with Elise theme


Giacomo Vesprini | Documentary & Street Photographer | Built with Mono theme


Silvia Poropat | Wedding Photographer | Built with Lyra theme


Studio Fotografico Bacci | Wedding Photographers | Built with Faro theme


Lilly Red | Wedding Photographer | Built with Lyra theme


Mauro Beoletto | Wedding Photographer | Built with Faro theme


Laura Bravi | Wedding Planner | Built with Elise theme


Marco Abba | Wedding Videographer | Built with Mono theme


Alessia Serdino | Floral Designer | Built with Elise theme


Marina Shakulina | Newborn & Maternity Photographer | Built with Elise theme


Mario Casati | Wedding Photographer | Built with Porto 2* theme

*Porto 2 theme is no longer available, yet you can build a similar website with Mono theme + Porto style kit. 

In Bianco e Nero | Wedding Photographers | Built with Porto 2* theme + FlexBlock

*Porto 2 theme is no longer available, yet you can build a similar website with Mono theme + Porto style kit. 

Alberto e Alessandra | Wedding Photographers | Built with Crowd 2* theme

*Crowd 2 theme is no longer available, yet you can build a similar website with Mono theme + Crowd style kit. 

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