Meet Porto II. A Multi Purpose Theme for Photographers

The classics are classics for a reason. We have preserved the elegant design and features that thousands of clients loved about Porto, and have rebuilt the theme to include modern, drag and drop functionality, 50+ layout options and more mobile flexibility. Porto II is a toolbox of customization and personalization options to present your portfolio online, on any device. It’s a multi-purpose theme, that will beautifully display any type of photography work, be that weddings, lifestyle, travel, etc.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple and easy we’ve made the process of building a website on WordPress. Also, don’t miss the Landing layout, as it’s a perfect example of a “Splash” page that you’ll be able to create and customize with your Porto II theme.

Porto 2, elegant website desing gif


The more you read, the more you’ll understand how powerful this theme is. And we’re offering it at an Early Bird deal, with 20% OFF. Code: EARLYPORTO. Current Porto users, find the upgrade offer below.

New Features & Extras To Be Excited About

Porto II is our most customizable theme released in 2017. We have packed close to a 1000 different layout options that you can create by combining and tweaking the blocks and design elements included with this theme. You’ll be excited to find out that apart from the fully customizable layouts, page blocks, colors, fonts and icons – we’ve also added more flexibility to your headers and footers. That’s right, you can have more than one! Get creative with Call to Actions (CTAs) and quick links. Or use this feature to create a Landing / Splash page, which separates your portfolio into Wedding, Portrait, Editorial or Boudoir galleries (as in this example), to masterfully guide your site visitors through your work. Use just a slider with a menu, or create a full length page.

The extra freedom with footers and headers, offers you the possibility to include more links (newsletter, social icons, contact info, etc) on some pages, while keeping the rest minimal and clean. However, if you prefer the traditional, one header and footer design across all pages – that option remains at your disposal as well.

Porto 2

There are over 50 beautiful page blocks, to help you bring your most exciting and unusual ideas to life. Tweak the predefined layouts or craft your own page structure by dragging and dropping the blocks. Get that custom feel for your website, with this elegant, yet simple to use out of the box theme.

And lastly, have you see those design details? Typography elements? Classic elegance at its best? Imagine your work displayed on a website like that!

Upgrading to Porto II

Porto II is a new theme, but we are offering an upgrade deal to all classical Porto users.

This elegant theme, built on our new backend and bearing all those interactive drag & drop layouts can be yours for only $129, if you upgrade before November 12th! Code: UpgradePorto

Note: make sure you’re logged into your Flothemes account at the time of the purchase.

Porto II theme, Elegant website design for photographers, responsive design

Upgrade to Porto II

Since this is not a regular update, but a completely new theme you can upgrade to, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1.  You can easily migrate all your galleries, blog posts and page content to Porto II, but due to the new page building functionality, you will need to recreate your slideshows, and re-build your page templates, but now with our awesome new page builder!
2.  Previously we used a lot of widgets to build the pages. With the new page builder you’ll get so much more customization flexibility and it’s a lot easier to use, literally giving you hundreds of possible unique page layouts!

Here’s a detailed video tutorial on how to upgrade. Don’t worry that the tutorial is using Crowd as an example. The process is exactly the same.

Your Porto II theme also Includes:

Before you dive into all the elements and functionality of this theme, we want you to remember this 1 key point about Porto II (and all other themes built on the new backend): All the predefined layouts that you see in the demo are just examples of pages that you can build with this theme.

We highly encourage and recommend you to play with the blocks and options, find your ideal fit, give each block a new purpose and design functionality. Porto 2 is your modeling clay, use our layouts if you love them, our give your creativity a chance to shine (wink).

Porto 2 elegant website design for photographers, layouts 2

Now, let’s have a quick look at what Porto 2 includes:

Navigation – 11 header layouts that you can experiment with.

Slideshows – 4 sliders at your imagination’s mercy. Pair Slideshow 1 or 2 with the additional header/menu block and present your galleries or blog posts in a more structured, custom way. See example.

Portfolio & Blog Listings – there 6 types of predefined layouts to showcase your galleries and blog posts – lists, grids, columns, card views, etc. Check them all in the demo. But you can always customize your layout with additional blocks, to showcase partnerships, recommend similar galleries and posts, or add a CTA. Therefore, your listing options are way more than just 6.

Single Galleries – there are 4 beautiful layouts, both grids and slideshows available.

Contact Page – we’ve crafted 3 layout examples, which are all easy to customize further, as per your vision and preferences.

Footer – there are 12 different variations that you can build with your footer blocks, depending on the amount of details and CTAs you want to include into it. Remember, you can choose to display an individually designed footer (or header) on specific pages.

Porto 2 elegant website design for photographers, layouts & icons for lifestyle stylekit

Video – easily embed videos in any post, add them to your Single Gallery sliders, predefined Video blocks or your homepage Slideshow. Your main homepage slideshow also allows self hosted videos.

SEO – well, since you get to use the most powerful website building platform in the world (WordPress), you also get to enjoy tons of SEO options inside your theme. Follow our recommendations and get easily found by Google and your ideal clients.

Responsive design – Check Porto 2 demo on your mobile or tablet. Love what you see? We understand that your content should look great on any device and screen size. And apart from a beautiful responsive design, we’ve also include options to hide page blocks from your mobile site – and offer the best possible experience for your mobile users.

Porto 2 elegant website design for photographers, layouts

A well designed website is not only a beautiful online frame for your portfolio, it can also serve as a powerful promotional and sales platform. Put some heart and effort into curating your work, crafting each page, and placing call to actions right were the user is ready to read or inquire about booking you – and that’s it, you have the perfect formula for a sales funnel. Get Porto 2 for your photography website! And hey, why not benefit from a 20% Off deal? Use the code: EarlyPorto, and buy your Porto theme here.

Here’s a video tutorial to help you make the transition between themes. If you want to get help with setting up and customizing your website, choose one of our Setup Service.  If you’re not sure which Setup package is best for you, schedule a quick call with us, and we’ll advise you on the best solution.

Flothemes Team,
Empowering You.

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