The Perfect Website Design for Photographers – Rosemary 2 (Giveaway)

Our most airy, refined & delicate website design got reworked & enhanced!

Rosemary 1 was known for its exquisite minimal aesthetic, a great fit for film, fine art, portrait & wedding photographers, who predominantly shoot verticals. With Rosemary 2, we’ve preserved its refined airy look, and enhanced version 2 with gorgeous new page layouts that work with horizontal images too, a more powerful page builder, new sliders & blocks that allow you to present your work, portfolio, story and stupendous personality in a refreshing & memorable way.

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Rosemary website design for photographers

Want this beautiful theme right now?

Get it with an $80 OFF Early Bird discount!

The code to apply on Cart Page is “EarlyRosemary“.

Those who will be upgrading from Rosemary 1 to Rosemary 2, will be thrilled about a ton of new possibilities, customization options and ease with which one can build a new website. Not to mention that the upgrade is absolutely FREE (read more below).

How versatile & customizable Rosemary 2 is?

Rosemary 2 comes with THREE mesmerizing stylekits. You get all 3 when you buy it. Each stylekit includes its own fonts, icons & color options, which you can use right out of the box. The stylekits are there to show you how different Rosemary can look, just by switching up the colors fonts and imagery.

Imagine what you can do with it once you play with the layout structure, add new blocks, your own branding & personality. You can take it anywhere from a minimalistic, clean, white look, to a bold, fearless image focused website.

It works just beautifully with only vertical images or only horizontals. That’s the beauty of it. It will work with any type of photos, any type of branding, as long as you put your heart, taste and creativity into it.

Already like what you see? No problem, use the predesigned templates, as they come on the demo site.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the 3 style directions that we’ve included in Rosemary:

rosemary-classic stylekit, jeremy chou fine art film photography, website design

#1. Rosemary Classic guarantees a timeless, delicate look and feel to your website. Use soft, pastel colors, and the airy minimal page blocks – for a very clean, airy aesthetic.

rosemary adventure stylekit, Dawn wedding & elopement Photography, website design

#2. With Rosemary Adventure you get that fearless vibe of travel & exotic destinations. We’ve included more examples for photographers who shoot horizontal images or a mix, as destination and elopement portfolios often require a full screen presentation for a stronger impactful impression. If you’re a wanderlust soul, you will love this.

rosemary-blossom, phil chester couples, elopements & wedding photography, website design

#3. Rosemary Blossom is the third and most passionate, evocative stylekit of the 3 (or is it Phil Chester’s epic photography that adds that feeling to it? *wink). We created it with intimate couple photographers in mind, as well as those who shoot lifestyle or boudoir. The combination of bold fullscreen images, along with the breathable, airy blocks – make this website design very playful, seductive & intriguing.

rosemary adventure mobile responsive, website design, dawn photography

If you’re starting off and only have a logo, you can use any of these 3 stylekits that you feel defines best your work and personality. If your branding is on point, you can easily upload your fonts, icons & colors into Rosemary, for a more personalized and custom website look.

Get Rosemary 2


Excited about the idea of building your website with this gorgeous website theme?
Of course you are! For that reason, we’re giving it away to one lucky photographer. All you have to do, is follow the rules from below, and enter before Wednesday midnight. We’ll announce the winner on Thursday via out Instagram stories. Good luck & spread the word!

Upgrade to Rosemary 2

Have Rosemary 1 and want to upgrade to Rosemary 2?

Great, log into your account, add Rosemary to your cart and on Cart Page apply the code “UpgradeRosemary“.

Watch this video and this one, to get a better idea of what has changed. Then proceed to upgrading, by following the steps described here and in Rosemary documentation.

Don’t forget to share your new website with us, once it’s live!

Flothemes Team,
Empowering You.



    16:43 October 22, 2018

    Love this one

    Emma Hutton

    23:43 October 22, 2018

    I am so looking forward to winning..I have been stalking your pages and it's totally time to ditch the old and start fresh. Thanks for the competition Emma

    Lisa McGrath

    14:02 October 23, 2018

    This is a fab prize. I have had my eye on Rosemary for a while and this update just seems to make it all singing and dancing and oerfect for my style. Winning would also mean I could pay for the install process and make it even easier to get the perfect site.🤞💕🌈

    Carlos Schult

    01:42 October 24, 2018

    Love it!!

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