13 Stunning Photography Websites to check out Right Now

You’ve probably heard countless times about the importance of a good website for your business. We, for that matter, preach this all the time. But what is a “good website”? Who decides that a website is good? Are there any criteria that separate good websites from bad ones? These all are fair questions, so let’s try to answer them.

Photo by Phil Chester

A good website is like love: you can’t clearly define it, yet, if you stumble upon it, you’ll know for a fact that here it is. And while “a good website” is a pretty abstract concept, there of course are certain features that will help you identify one. For instance, a good website will look well and work smooth on any device, big or small. A good website will load fast and offer an intuitive browsing experience to those who navigate through it. You can easily find any information on this website. Everything is clear, makes sense and inspires you to explore further. A good website will always charm you with its content and unique personality. It will get you curious about the person or team behind it, and create an irresistible desire of “I want this for myself” no mater what the product or service is.

While, functionality, aesthetics and user experience are all crucial factors in qualifying a website as good – at the end of the day you are the one who decides whether your website is good or not. If it works well, if you love how it looks, if you’re happy with the type of clients it attracts and the amount of inquires you receive – congratulations, you’ve got a good website! However, if it’s been a while since you felt happy and proud about your site, if you’re barely getting any traffic and client messages through your contact form, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

To give you some visual inspiration, check out these stunning photography websites built by our talented clients. This article is super exciting, as it features the first ever website created with Mono, our newest FlexTheme. Scroll down to check it out, and get some visual inspiration for your current or soon-to-be-launched website!

Jonas Peterson | Wedding Photographer

www.jonaspeterson.com | Website built with Mono theme

Phil Chester | Wedding & Couples Photographer

www.philchester.com | Website built with Lyra theme

Ash McMahon | Wedding Photographer

www.ashmcmahonphotography.com | Website built with Lyra theme

Laetitia Leofold | Couples, Portrait & Wedding Photographer

www.laetitialeofold.com | Website built with June theme

Sarah Porter | Wedding Photographer

www.sarahporterphotography.com | Website built with Velvet theme

Shannon Yen | Elopements & Wedding Photographer

www.shannonyen.com | Website built with June theme

Tim George | Wedding Photographer

www.timgeorge.co | Website built with Faro theme

K. Engel Photography | Wedding Photographer

www.kengelphotography.com | Website built with Elise theme

La Grande Rousse | Wedding Photographer

www.lagranderousse.com | Website built with Verso theme

Black Salt Photography | Wedding Photographer

www.blacksaltphotos.com | Website built with June theme

Upon Two | Wedding Photographers & Videographers

www.upontwo.com | Website built with Elise theme

Emeris Photography | Wedding & Couples Photographer

www.emerisphoto.com | Website built with Elise theme

Kelsey Marie | Wedding Photography

www.kelseymariephotog.com | Website built with Lyra theme


So, what do you think? Is your website doing great, or is it in need of an intervention? If it’s the former, we are so happy for you! Good job! However, if it’s the latter, we hope that this article offered you plenty of insights on how to build your next website.

Want more inspo? We’ve got a whole lotta website examples from all over the world on our Showcase Page, as well. Need an elegant website template? Right this way. All our themes are on sale this week!

Flothemes Team,
Inspiring You.

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