New Theme Mono | 6 Reasons Why You’ll Love It

Whether you’ve signed up for sneak peeks, or it’s the first time you hear about it – we’re excited to share the news! MONO, our newest website theme is out, and it’s magnificent! 

Mono was designed as a multi-purpose theme to cater to the needs of various business types, from photographers and filmmakers, to bloggers, designers, stylists, planners, educators and other creative vendors. 

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If you’re curious to know what this theme can do for you and whether it’s a good fit for your business, keep reading, as we’ve highlighted 6 reasons why you’ll fall in love with Mono.

Mono is a Flextheme

Similar to other flexthemes, Mono comes packed with incredibly customizable layouts for your site pages. Over 80% of the premade blocks are powered by Flex, which means you can tweak and control every element inside, from photos and videos, to texts, shapes, overlays, buttons, etc. You can personalize their placement, size, color and functionality to achieve a truly unique and original look.

If you’re new to Flothemes and Flex, don’t worry, we have a full library of tutorials and articles to help you get comfortable with using your new theme.

There are 12 stylekits. How do these work?

Together with Mono we are launching a new feature – style kits. Style kits are aesthetic directions for your website. Each style kit includes a full set of font combinations, 2 color schemes and 20 unique blocks that can be applied to your website with one simple click.⁣

The first batch of style kits includes a total of 12. Six of these are inspired by our Classic theme collection: Fiji, Osaka, Porto, Crowd, LVY, Evora. The other six are inspired by our latest designs: June, Faro, Velvet, Lyra, Elise, Verso.⁣ You can preview them all on Mono’s product page or inside Mono’s demo

When you purchase Mono, you get its default minimal styling + 1 free Style Kit of your choice. You’ll be able to select the desired style kit after checkout, inside your website’s dashboard in the Flex Admin tab. This is a new tab. It includes a library of all your style kits, your Typography and Color settings. More details here.

Note: After you choose your free style kit and click on “Install” you can’t change your mind and switch to a different one.

Classic theme owners get a bonus when they purchase Mono. As a thank you for your loyalty and trust in Flothemes, you’ll get access to all Style Kits that correspond to your Classic themes purchases. You’ll have access to them additionally to the 1 free Style Kit that all Mono users will receive.⁣⁣

As you can see, it literally takes 1 click to apply a new stylekit and offer your site a fresh look, from bold and playful, to delicate and timeless, or elegant and romantic. It’s that simple. 

Note: Those who want access to a full library of style kits, font pairings, color palettes and 200+ unique blocks, can do so via a subscription plan of $99/year. More details will be available via your Mono dashboard. 

It’s a multifunctional all-purpose theme

Mono was designed to serve a huge variety of businesses and creative vendors. Its minimalistic, modern layouts can support the work of a novice who has little content, or a mature brand who is scaling and diversifying offerings. 

The 20+ premade page layouts and 100+blocks can help you create just about anything on your site. From beautiful About Me sections, to exciting presentations for services, portfolio galleries, client raves, mentoring sessions, podcast episodes, instagram quick links, the team you work with, fun facts about the owner, travel dates, upcoming workshops, and so much more. 

Mono’s default styling is very minimal, yet functional.⁣ You can always apply your own branding or a style kit to transform the theme into a one of a kind website.

It’s amazing for businesses with multiple services or sub-brands

If you have several brands or types of services that you offer, and you’d like to keep them all on one website, yet diversify their presentation, Mono can help you do that. It’s simple, you can have multiple style kits activated on one website. Which means, you can have a separate collection of typography and colors for each sub-brand. For example, if you do wedding photography, but also boudoir, your wedding services can be presented as elegant and classic, while the boudoir portfolio can have a moody and bold aesthetic. 

And while you use different style kits, you also get access to more unique blocks to support and differentiate each brand, or in our case, each photography service.  

Here are a few quick examples to explain this further.

Mono can help you create better Landing Pages

If you’re an active educator or a kickass marketeer with tons of resources, freebies and landing pages that bring traffic to your website and subscribers to your mailing list – you will love Mono. 

We’ve packed this theme with layouts and features that can help you present your message in an impactful way, and convert users who land on your website. Here are a few examples of predesigned pages that you’ll get with Mono:

Don’t forget that you can also create tailored pages by combining various blocks available inside Mono (it’s like playing with Lego). Or you can design your own custom layouts inside Flex. Everything is possible. And.. each of your landing pages can have its own cool styling. One can be dark and adventurous, another one can be airy and fine-art. All you need to do is apply different style kits to these pages.  

It’s perfect for website designers

Are you a website designer who helps clients build sites with Flothemes? Amazing, Mono can transform your client pitching into a fun and playful process, and all you’ll need for that is your own website. 

It’s simple. You create a hidden page on your site. You apply a custom style kit on that page. This can be a style kit designed by Flothemes, or a custom one that you create specifically for that client or prospect. Add a few of their images to the page, and voila, you have a live preview of what their homepage could look like. They get to browse the desktop and mobile version, offer some initial feedback that can make this partnership even more successful. 


There you go! We hope you got curious enough to go check out Mono’s Demo and style kits. We’re here if you have questions or needs help with switching from your current theme to Mono. All tutorials and documentation have been added here and here.

Happy shopping and we can’t wait to see what you create with Mono!

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