11 Creative Photography Websites built with Velvet

If you’re looking for a website theme that will accentuate your brand’s elegance and polished style, search no more! Velvet is the definition of these 2 things. This theme was created for business owners who want a mature and confident online presentation. It says “Hey, I’m a professional, I know exactly what I’m doing, you’re in good hands with me!”

The beauty of Velvet (which is a Flextheme) is the customization freedom that you get. You can use Velvet’s premade templates right out of the box, or you can get creative and build an original looking website. You don’t need to know how to code, it’s all a matter of drag and dropping things around, tweaking colors or fonts. And the beautiful examples we showcase below serve proof to this statement.

And if you’re wondering what does it feel like to build a website with a Flextheme, here’s our clients sharing their experience and thoughts.

Julia Kathleen

www.juliakathleenphoto.com | Wedding Photographer

Ann-Kathrin Bretschneider

www.annkathrin-bretschneider.de | Wedding Photographer

Brandi Potter

www.brandipotterphoto.com | Wedding Photographer

Carlos Ferrari

www.carlosferrari.com | Photographer

Alice André Photography

www.aliceandrephotography.com | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Leah Thomason Photography

www.leahthomasonphotography.com | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Alicia Laurene Photography

www.alicialaurene.com | Portrait & Couple Photographer

Stefanie Buma Weddings

www.stefaniebumaweddings.com | Wedding Photographer

Natalie J. Weddings

www.nataliejweddings.com | Wedding Photographer

Sarah Porter Photography

www.sarahporterphotography.com | Couple & Wedding Photographer

Janet Jarchow

www.janetjarchow.com | Wedding & Portrait Photographer


If you’re looking for a design that will grant your website a sophisticated and high-end look, Velvet is the theme you need! It has a classic, timeless style, with a charming modern twist.⁣ It’s also on sale now and can be purchased for $199 with code “POWERUP”.

We can’t wait to see your website built with Velvet!

Flothemes Team,
Inspiring You.

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