20+ Must See Websites Built During the Quarantine

These past few months of quarantine and global lockdown have been eye-opening for a few reasons. We’ve learned the importance of some things and the unimportance of others. We discovered how many things we’ve been taking for granted, or prioritizing incorrectly. Many of us have finally admitted that it wasn’t the lack of time that was stopping us from learning new skills, reading books, and practicing all those sports (but hey, we’re not judging!). However, one of the most important things we’ve learned during these months is this: if people want to create, be successful and thrive, they will do it even through fear, anxiety, and the darkness of a pandemic.

In today’s article we’ve gathered 21 amazing website examples built during these months of quarantine. They all use a Flothemes template, yet feel very unique and different. You’ll find examples from wedding, editorial and commercial photographers, as well as creative agencies and design studios.

If you are on the lookout for website inspiration, the websites from below are a Must See!

Chris and Ruth

www.chrisandruth.com | Built with June theme

Laetitia Leofold

www.laetitialeofold.com | Built with June theme

Pablo Lorente

www.pablolorente.com | Built with Trento + FlexBlock


www.amoureuxee.de | Built with Verso theme

Jordan Taylor Photography

www.jordantaylorphotography.org | Built with June theme

Brady Bates Photography

www.bradybatesphotography.com | Built with Elise theme

Rika Formica

www.rikaformica.it | Built with June theme


www.polyluchs.de | Built with Lyra theme

Alice André Photography

www.aliceandrephotography.com | Built with Velvet theme

Dark Roux

www.darkroux.com | Built with Lyra theme

Atelier Preface

www.atelierpreface.com | Built with Lyra theme

Julia Kathleen

www.juliakathleenphoto.com | Built with Velvet theme

Maine Elopement Collective

www.maineelopementcollective.com | Built with Faro theme

Modern Made Weddings

www.modernmadeweddings.com | Built with Lyra theme

Larisa Stanca

www.larisastanca.ro | Built with Elise theme

Eric Cheng

www.ericcheng.ca | Built with Lyra theme

Sebastien Bicard

www.sebastienbicard.com | Built with Lyra theme

Days in June

www.daysinjune.com | Built with Lyra theme

Hans and Roxes

www.hansandroxes.com | Built with Evora theme

Manuel Diaz

www.manueldiazfotografia.com | Built with Lyra theme


Have you enjoyed these website examples?

Sadly, the quarantine is not over yet. This means a lot of free time you can use to prep your business for the grand re-opening. If your current website doesn’t make you proud, nor it sells your work – it’s time to get a new, better one.

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