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13 Terrific WordPress Websites built with Mono

So, you’ve been hunting for the perfect website design for a while now. At first, you were excited about the endless options and the variety of templates available on the market. But after some time you started feeling overwhelmed and unable to choose the one.

You may relate to this situation for a number of reasons. Maybe all the designs you’ve seen look great, but don’t really align with your brand. Or, perhaps, you aren’t sure what is the best way to present your business online. Either way, we’ve got a tip for you: when in doubt, go for minimalism. 

It’s true that sometimes less is more, and this principle applies to website design as well. Go with a template that looks minimal and clear, yet allows you the flexibility to tweak it over time, so your website grows with your brand. It shouldn’t be anything too difficult. Just a bunch of templates and options available inside, that you can use at any time to spice up your website look make it look more custom. If we’re describing exactly what you want and have been searching for – then we’ve got the perfect theme for you, it’s called Mono!

Mono is a modern, stylish, and minimalistic theme that is customizable and easy to use. No matter if you are a WordPress beginner, or an experienced user – you’ll be able to wrap your head around this theme in no time. For that, we have detailed documentation and video tutorials.

Mono is multi-purpose, which means it can easily adapt to any branding and type of business. No matter if you are a photographer, videographer, food blogger, pet stylist, event planner, designer, or florist – Mono can help you create an impactful and original online presence. 

We could spend all day talking about Mono and how it can transform the way you present your business to clients. Yet, one photo is better than a thousand words, right? Here are 13 photos to prove our point. Each of these beautiful and unique websites was built with Mono:

Dale Weeks Photography | Wedding Photographer

Crystal Kam | Branding & Web Designer

Brandi Potter Learn | Resources for Photographers

Wit Photography | Wedding Photographer

Lucrecia Carosi | Newborn & Family Photographer

Ali Daugherty | Lifestyle Family Photographer

Jonas Peterson | Wedding Photographer

Moyo Studio | Design Tools & Mockups for Creatives

Anthony Gauna Photography | Wedding Photographer

Lume Photography | Elopement & Wedding Photographer

Sophie Zimmermann | Animal Photographer

Alex West Photography | Wedding Photographer

Kinship by Kristy | Birth, Wedding & Family Photographer

TL;DR: If you are having a hard time choosing a template for your website, go for a minimalistic one. This way you’ll be able to start less without compromising your aesthetic preferences, and gradually add new elements that will make your website truly yours. Our Mono theme is a great choice for this! 

Mono is on sale this week, you can get it for $199 instead of $279 when you use code “NEWSITE”. Check out its demo HERE and get it for your own website HERE. And remember: a good website is the one that looks good for YOU.

Flothemes Team,
Inspiring You.

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