Beautiful Websites built with Pronto | What Clients who’ve upgraded say

Recently we launched Pronto – a new core for our Flexthemes that integrates Flex directly into Gutenberg. It’s an optional upgrade that allows Gutenberg enthusiasts to tap into WordPress’ native ecosystem and fully benefit from all its features and functionality. Apart from the extra perks (i.e. custom Flex headers, pop-up menus), Pronto also delivers improved scores for your website’s performance and speed, right out of the box. If you’re a new Flothemes client wondering what’s Pronto all about, read this article. If you’re here for the goodies (real website examples from clients who’ve upgraded to Pronto), grab a seat and enjoy! 

We’ve also asked our users to share their experiences and thoughts in regard to Pronto and the upgrade process. Scroll and find out!

Marcos Sanchez | Wedding Photographer

“I change my sites often, I’d say once a year or less. I just moved from Squarespace to WordPress, and since I used Flothemes a long time ago, I checked their current themes and fell in love with Verso. Moving platforms is a lot of work, so a big part of building the new site was making sure all the content was in place. Once it was done, building the pages was so quick thanks to Flex. 

Firstly, using predesigned blocks is a wonderful tool, you can customize templates and create new pages out of the blue by just combining blocks. I finished my site in a couple of weeks. And then, suddenly, Pronto came out. 

One of the reasons for moving to WordPress was the ability to work further on my SEO, and performance is something you can’t improve on Squarespace, it is what it is. Out of the box, the Flex version of my theme was good – A ratings on desktop and medium ratings on mobile. But after changing to Pronto, both ratings went A+. And the transition took 30 minutes for the whole site, using their importing plugin. Couldn’t be easier and the impact on performance has been huge. 

I can’t believe how the Flo team pulled it off, but it’s an OUTSTANDING update, so I recommend everyone to move to Pronto, and PRONTO! – that’s Spanish for soon!”

Nirav Patel | Destination Wedding Photographer

“Working with Flothemes on a revision of my website was an incredible experience. With the help of their talented design team and support group, I was able to bring my vision to life and I couldn’t be more excited about the way everything turned out!”

Moyo Studio | Design Tools & Mockups for Creatives

“One of the best changes we made to our business was switching our website builder to Flothemes. Hands down the best decision we ever made. Creating with their website builder is seriously a dream. Only regret? That we didn’t do it sooner.”

Bruna Rico Vido | Portrait Photographer 

“This is my second time purchasing a theme from Flothemes. I couldn’t choose a better company to build my website. Because I am a photographer, visuals are very important, but a fast website is fundamental. That’s why I moved from my classic theme (Crowd II) to Pronto. 

The transition was very smooth, I had some issues on my side (server-related) but the support team helped me right away, no stress at all! I know some people are afraid to use WordPress because it can be hard, but, honestly, with Flothemes, anyone can build a website. It’s easy to use, there are tutorials for everything, the community is helpful and the support team doesn’t take long to reply to your ticket. I love how modern, clean and fast my website is! I love how easy is to see the whole layout of a page directly in the editor. And how easy it is to customize everything. I have the option to make it global or change according to my needs on a certain page!”

Wieslaw Olejniczak | Wedding Photographer

“I just moved to the new Pronto theme and have to say, it is amazing 🤩
Little walkthrough: at first I was quite angry about paying another subscription, but I couldn’t resist 😂
I bought it at, like, 10 pm and my new website was running back at 2 am. It actually took me like 4 hours to get everything working again.

The migration tool is perfect. I really love how easy the new work process is, it’s so much intuitive and easy to move things around. There is a short learning process about setting header and footer but after that everything else is fast and easy.

Performance: check the pics, I always had good performances but never ever like this. The page just shows up on screen once you press enter.

I still have some things to fix but love it already. Thank you Flothemes for making another perfect tool that improves ours business marketing. See you! And move to Pronto whenever you can! 😍”

Larisa Hercog | Brand & Web Designer 

“As a designer, I was looking for more freedom with implementing eCommerce, contact forms, adding custom codes to make design elements unique, have more control with SEO options, and performance scores as well. I’ve found Flothemes to resonate with my design guidelines. So I picked up Zephyr theme and started building my site. 

When Pronto was launched, I saw it as an opportunity to further improve my website with the new features. There are new custom menu options that you can play around with, Gutenberg blocks with all their possibilities, more control with Flo blocks, and most importantly for me – the speed performance is better right out of the box. 

There were some issues with my custom codes, so I had to adjust them. They are shorter now, so the speed is better. Unfortunately, the FloPack1 doesn’t work with Pronto, but I used Tabs instead. I think they are great, you can use them for small galleries as well. I only miss an automatic slider option.

My new site allows me to impress new clients with a website that looks and feels custom (some customers already contacted me to get help with improving their own sites). It is fast enough, WooCommerce works great without any additional charge (with other platforms you have to separately purchase an e-commerce shop like Shopify or Ecwid). My experience with Flothemes’ support has also been great, and they’re always improving their usability. I will definitely stick with Flothemes in the future and can firmly recommend these themes to my customers.”

Martin Cheung | Wedding Photographer 

“The new Gutenberg theme core is the perfect combination for anyone who wants the elegance of a Flothemes template and the performance of Gutenberg. Using the new template, I am able to reach performance speeds previously thought impossible.”

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We hope this article clearly showed you just how beautiful websites built with Pronto can be. If you have any questions about this updated version for Flexthemes – let us know inside our Facebook Community!

Also updating your website to Pronto? We’d love to see it and include it in this list. Send us a DM via Instagram, with your link!  

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