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You know us. We’re always incredibly proud to showcase the work and websites of our amazing clients. Each time one of you launches a new site built with our themes, we’re doing the Chandler dance (non Friends fans, see below or better Google it, it’s worth it) and excitedly share it with our community. Today is no different, except this is a Rangefinder edition. Last week many of you happily shared the news that you were selected as one of the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography! And while we are thrilled for each of the award winners, we’re particularly proud of 15 of you! You heard it right, 50% of the Rangefinder Rising Stars 2019 are using designs by Flothemes or Squaremuse for their website! Can this news BE any better?

Website built with Flothemes designs

Lukas Leonte | Built with Porto 2

Ameirfikri | Built with Fiji 2

Rosa Garrido | Built with Osaka

Tinted Photography | Custom website design by Flothemes

Johanna Rosenlew | Built with Osaka

Ash Powell Photography | Built with Rosemary 2

Belle Art Photography | Built with Crowd 2

Elizabeth Austin | Built with LVY 2

Me and Georgia | Built with Cube

Rafal Borek Photography | Built with Porto 2

Urška & Domen Photography | Built with Crowd 2

Daniel Lopez Perez | Built with Crowd 1 (legacy theme)

Tjeerd Paul Jacobs | Built with Como (legacy theme)

Websites built with Squaremuse designs

Eric-René Penoy | Custom design by Squaremuse

Lincoln Pictures | Built with Black Onyx

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful examples. We are incredibly humbled and honored that each one of these photographers chose our website designs to promote their brand and portfolio online. If you’re looking for a fresh, beautiful and unique website layout for your own business, our Black Friday Sale starts in a week!

Do you think a professional website (like Flothemes or Squaremuse) helps you get noticed online? Does a good-looking site elevate your work and ultimately helps you get awards and recognition? We’d like to believe so, but you tell us! *wink*

Flothemes Team,
Inspiring You.

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