5 reasons why you need a website (even if all your clients come from Instagram)

75% of people base their opinion about a company’s credibility on it. However, less than 61% of small businesses have it. Have you already guessed what it is?

Websites are a polarizing topic in the business world. Some people will assure you that it’s crucial for your brand’s success, while others will argue that your brand can flourish and be perfectly fine without a website. One of the 3 key arguments used by the latter ones in favor of their opinion is that in 2020, when social media is the king and everyone around has it, a website is just a redundancy and a waste of money.

As you might have already guessed, we are strong believers that a solid brand requires a website. Social media platforms, such as Instagram, are great communication tools, but unfortunately these tools are not strong enough to single handedly offer you a solid online presence and will never be able to replace a website. Here are 5 reasons why:  

It gives your brand more credibility in front of customers

56% of internet users wouldn’t trust a business that doesn’t have a website. It’s understandable why: a website is almost like a badge of trust that tells people that you are the real deal. Not having one might get people questioning your experience and trustworthiness, and push them towards choosing someone else for the job.

It offers prospects more information about you and your work

A website is like a big encyclopedia of your brand. It contains all the information people need to know about you and your services to decide whether to contact you or not: your portfolio, your style of work, your values and insights on your character,  your pricing, process, location and what makes you so awesome and different from others. Having all this information set in front of them in an accessible and aesthetically-pleasing format will surely impact their decision making process in your favor.

It increases your chances to get found online

A Google search kickstarts 93% of online experiences. This means that, if a prospect is looking for a photographer (videographer, graphic designer, business coach, etc.), most likely they’ll do it via a search engine, and not Instagram. 

But wait, there’s more: 97% of consumers go online to search for local brands & services. This means that if you are a web designer from North Carolina and you want to serve people in your area, you have a higher chance to be found via search engines if you own a website (and work a bit on building your Local SEO).

Speaking about SEO, those who choose to have a website and spend some time on optimizing it for relevant keywords and specific client queries – enjoy a whole lot more traffic and inquiries. Plus, if they choose to do advertising, they get higher returns on their investments for a smaller budget – since they can retarget users who visited their website before. 

You have no control over social media platforms

Let’s compare your online presence to real estate. Your Instagram or Facebook account is like an apartment that you rent: yes, you can decorate it, move furniture around, and more or less adjust it to your aesthetic taste, but you’ll never be able to transform it into your dream dig. Having a website, however, is like owning a house. You can paint the walls, change the roof, connect or separate rooms, and transform every little detail inside and outside.

When you choose social media as your main online platform, you are putting yourself into a box. You can be the best curator, editor, and copywriter in the world, and still lack uniqueness because of the limited interface design options granted by Instagram and Facebook.

Also, you can’t trust social media with your future. What if it’s bought by a bigger corporation and goes downhill from there? Or, what if in a year or so another cool social platform emerges, and Instagram or Facebook die out, just like MySpace did back in the day? All your efforts and followers will go down the drain, and you surely don’t want that..

It can help you save money

This might sound like a crazy statement, but let us explain. Having a website will definitely cost you more than maintaining your Instagram or Facebook account. However, not putting yourself out there and not allowing potential clients to find you and hire you will result in much bigger loses of possible revenue. Remember what we said in #3? A website increases your chances to be found online and booked. 

Most beginner photographers and creative entrepreneurs choose not to have a website because they see it as a luxury or extra cost on their budget. When actually it’s a crucial business asset that can increase your return on investment in a matter of months (if done correctly). We here at Flothemes, put years of expertise and analysis in place, to design website templates that you can easily customize on your own, and launch a site that will put your business forward and help you get discovered by more clients. 

If after reading this article, you’re re-evaluating your decision about getting a website – head over to our themes page and choose the template that defines you best. They’re all on sale now 🙂

Flothemes Team,
Inspiring You.

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