Crowd 2: A More Beautiful, Flexible, Improved Version of Crowd Theme

One of our most popular themes got redesigned!

We preserved the timeless, refined and simple design of our Crowd theme, but enhanced Version 2 with multiple new layouts, 8 slideshows, 15 listing variations, as well as our new backend and page builder –  to offer you the flexibility you’ve never imagined was possible with WordPress! Everything, even the Default page templates for your galleries and blog posts can be tweaked and re-written. Crowd 2 is an Uber theme, focused on presenting your work clearly and creating evident call to actions to guide your visitors. We focused not only on visual part, but have put much thought into your backend experience as well, trying to make the process of setting up and customizing your site – as simple and intuitive as possible. Take a look for yourself, here’s Crowd 2 from the inside, and here’s Crowd 2 from the outside.



Get Crowd 2 until June 30th, and save 15% on your purchase. Code “EarlyCrowd”. If you’re an existing Crowd users, upgrade for an exclusive $149 deal. Apply the code “CrowdEarly” while being logged into your flothemes account.

Now, let’s explore all the exciting new perks that we’ve added to Crowd 2! Also enjoy the amazing work of Vasia Han Photography featured in the demo.

The Backend

Everything you see (or don’t see) can be tweaked. You’re in full control of what you show, on each page and each device. Get introduced to a whole new WordPress experience! Yes, it’s still WordPress, but doesn’t look nor feel like it anymore. All page templates and blocks can be easily previewed, drag and dropped and tweaked. Chose which page blocks will be displayed on your desktop vs mobile site. Customize predefined layouts or create a new page structure with our page builder. See the following video to get a better idea on what the new Crowd 2 backend has to offer:

You can tweak the Default Blog post or Gallery post templates or extend them with a few custom blocks. Any changes you make to the default post/gallery templates will automatically apply on all pages you’ve used this template for. However, if you need a single post/gallery page customized – you can overwrite the default post/gallery template specifically for this page. In our demo you will find examples of default and advanced (customized) templates.


You have 9 beautiful sliders at your imagination’s mercy. Test them, play with your image arrangements, transitions and navigation options. Find the perfect combination and proudly dazzle your site viewers with your best work! Here are the available sliders:
Slider A – Full screen slider with a split menu. This menu layout is available only with slider A.
Slider B – A a 50/50 side by side framed slider, with the image/post description placed in the middle of the slider in a beautiful white block. The menu is placed under the slider, and includes subtitles for each menu item.
Slider C – Screen-wide slider, with no text on it. The menu is placed under the slider.
Slider D – A side by side narrow slider, with your logo, social icons and subscribe button placed above the slideshow, while the menu and subtitles placed under it.
Slider E – A full screen slider, with no text. Menu placed on the top of the slider.
Slider F – A full screen slider, with a small preview of the next slide, with its title and a CTA (call to action) in the bottom right corner. The menu is placed on the top of the slider.
Slider G – A full screen slider with some text/title and a CTA. The menu again is placed on the top of the slider.
Slider H – A slider similar to Type G, but with the text and CTA aligned to left.
Slider I – We’ve kept your favorite, simple side by side slideshow from the original Crowd theme, with verticals and horizontals perfectly displaying next to each other.

Portfolio & Blog Listings

Listings are layouts that help you display all your galleries or blog posts. There are 3 types of listings A, B and C which you will find in the your backend. But A and B include 7 variations each, which adds up to at least 15 different possibilities to display your Blog or Portfolio lists.
Type A is a classic listing. Type B includes a beautiful slider above your listing, which can be replaced by a featured image. Type C is a gorgeous, unique layout that displays your featured image on the left side, and your post listing on the right side. You can use this Listing type to showcase specific galleries, your favorite or recent work, etc.
Now, let’s go over each of those 7 variations, mixed and matched with Type A (no slider) and Type B (with a slider above the listing):
Listing A – A classic card grid view, with 2 to 4 columns. Your image’s on the left and text on the right (Type A).
Listing B – A grid view, with 2 to 4 columns. Images a cropped in squares, with text appearing on hover. A beautiful featured image is placed above the listing (Tybe B).
Listing C – A grid with text under your images (2 to 4 columns) and a call to action on hover.
Listing D – A 50/50 alternating view.
Listing E – A classic list view, with title and excerpt under the image.
Listing F – A 40/60 view, with your text placed on the left and images placed on the right.
Listing G – A listing for storytellers, who look for a magazine type of layout to display their galleries and blog posts. This view crops your images.
Special Listing – The Type C listing described above.

Single Gallery and Blog Post

Three beautiful single gallery types are available for you to use with Crowd 2.
Gallery A – A lovely visible nearby slider, with the ability to tweak the space between your images.
Gallery B – Also a visible nearby slider, with the gallery title fixed on the left side of the slider.
Gallery C – A masonry non-crop grid view, with an alternative view of a 1 by 1 slider, which also opens in a pop-up when you click on any of the images.
As mentioned earlier, you can overwrite the Default Post templates and apply the changes to all the pages where you’ve used this template. Also, you can tweak each layout manually, and add any blocks you need. Here’s some examples of tweaked templates for gallery A, gallery B and gallery C, but the possibilities are endless.

Just like with Single galleries, you can opt to use our predefined Blog Post template or create your own layout and use it as your default. For example, here’s our predefined template (note, the 2 side by side images were created in Photoshop and uploaded like that) and here’s an example of a customized one.

Custom Pages

Still can’t believe how easy it is? With Crowd 2, all your pre-defined page templates can be customized and tweaked. You can choose to build a page from scratch, or use any of the templates that we’ve masterfully crafted for you. However, even the templates are very flexible and can be tweaked. Take some time to experiment with the page blocks and create something unique and personalized to your own style, branding and character. An example of custom built page layout is the Investment Page. While the About pages, Contact and all Home pages have been build using the predefined templates.

A quick reminder, if you want to take your pricelists and investment page to a completely different level, check out our Flo HUB plugin. It’s a drag and drop builder which allows you to easily build beautiful and interactive pricelist pages, responsive across all devices and in line with your branding and Flothemes styling.

All our Contact page templates come with a built-in contact form which will help you collect information and easily get in touch with your potential clients. If you are interested in creating a personalized form we recommend using our Flo Forms plugin, as it’s a simple drag and drop builder, which allows you to add as many fields as you wish, track submissions and even get reminders for unread emails. Here’s an example. If you prefer Contact Form 7 or Ninja Forms, you can effortlessly add your contact form by simply adding the shortcode to the shortcode section in the contact form template.

Other Perks

Navigation – Crowd 2 include 8 header layouts that you can experiment with to find the perfect presentation for your site and branding. You can see all 8 variations here. In addition to that, the Slideshows type A, B, C and D include an additional variation that you can explore when you add one of these sliders as a first block on any page. This variation places your menu under your slider and includes subtitles for each menu item. See example here.
Video Options – We always keep in mind our videographer and filmmaker friends. Use any of the 3 lovely single gallery layouts to display your video work. All you need to do is add a video embed from youtube or vimeo. You can actually add a video embed to any page or blog post. Also apart from embed, Crowd 2 allows you to include self hosted videos in a loop in any slider. Now, check out a video gallery example using Gallery A.
Instagram & Footer Layouts – Of course there are customization options for your footer area. You choose to show your live Instagram feed (with our Flo Instagram plugin) or upload specific images that will link to your account. Also, 3 variations for your footer, depending on how minimal or packed with links and call to actions you want it to be. See them all here.
Shop & E-Commerce – Just like with Cube, Kyoto and Osaka, once you add the WooCommerce plugin to your site, for a shop, the theme will automatically apply basic styling to it, so it resembles the style of the rest of your site. See a shop example here.

Moving from Crowd to Crowd 2

Crowd users who are upgrading: please note that this is not just a regular update, but a completely new theme, built on a new platform. This means that you get to migrate all your galleries, blog posts and page content to Crowd 2, but due to the new page building functionality, you will need to recreate your slideshows, and adjust/re-populate some of your page templates. We are no longer using widgets, as the page builder allows more customization flexibility and is a lot easier to use, so that content you will need to showcase through the new available blocks. Here’s a detailed video tutorial on how to upgrade.
Please note that the upgrade promo code is meant for users who use Crowd and want to switch to Crowd 2. If you plan to use both themes – Crowd and Crowd 2 on two different websites, you have to buy Crowd 2 at full license price.


This is it, the website theme of your dreams. Don’t let it pass you by. If you believe your work deserves to be seen and admired by many, if you put your whole heart into it and work your butt off to create those beautiful images and videos, why not pick a website design that will make your portfolio and business bloom? Get your Crowd 2 theme today with 15% Off (Code: EarlyCrowd) and let us help you with the setup – so you launch your new site in a matter of days. Then, prepare to be fully booked for 2018 by mid July! As simple as that. You know how to take the most beautiful pictures, but we know how to showcase them in the best possible way!

Flothemes Team,
Empowering You.

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