Flex Block RoadMap

Flex Block RoadMap

We recently released the awaited Flex Block v1.0 to our exciting users. We listened and observed how our community has used the flex block and we are excited to share the future for this important addition to our themes. Flothemes is on a current path to improve our theme admin, rebuild and innovate our plugin library which also includes some new plugin suite editions. We have also partnered with a hosting provider to solve the pain points of initially installing WordPress and your theme. Soon, users can purchase their new theme and hosting with WordPress and your theme pre-installed for you. Our Flex Block will be extended and we will aim to implement flexibility to all blocks of our current and new themes in 2019.

At this phase we have created an internal roadmap for Flex, and we are actively listening and being attentive to user feedback and suggestions.

If you would like to add your own suggestions you can do so here. 

Flex Block Roadmap:

Stage 1 – Flex Block 1.0 – March 18th.

With our first launch, we released a drag and drop designer that can be used to design any photo, text, link and button combination. 

Stage 2 – Flex Block 2.0 – Estimated for July 2019.

Our second version matures the plugin, allowing more options and importantly a template engine. These changes will be released in minor and major updates up until a full version 2.0

Users can expect to have the following:

  • Video Blocks
  • Pop-ups and image controls.
  • Integration options (ie. newsletters, or social)
  • Advanced Mobile functionality including auto generated previews.
  • Auto positioning tools
  • Advanced SEO options.
  • Grid and Masonry options
  • Slider Control
  • Enhanced shortcut, font and color manager. 
  • Extended Designer Tools.

Advancements of what the plugin can do:

  • Block Templates – Predefined templates within plugin
  • Save your design as a template block
  • Copy and Paste Blocks
  • Template Block Management Library

Stage 3 – Flex Block 3.0 – Estimated for September 2019.

These updates are compiling functionality of Flex with themes and allowing migrating between themes to be more seamless.

  • Integrating Flex into our themes vs a plugin.
  • Header and Footer Builders.

The Good News is that Flex will remain a free add on for Flotheme theme users. We will have business changes later this year and additional news to share with our users that will make being a Flotheme user very very exciting for you and your business. 

We appreciate your feedback and if you have further suggestions for how Flex Block evolves let us know here. Feedback.

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