FlexBlock Updates: Video Functionality & New Text Editor

The update so many of you have been asking for is here!
FlexBlock just got even more powerful and exciting with version 1.1. Read below what’s new:

New Text Editor

We’ve fully re-built the Text Editor, to make your experience more intuitive, smooth and pleasant, as well as to fix the font discrepancies that some of you have encountered with the initial version of the plugin. You’ll be excited to discover that text can be edited live now, inside your text box (previously only possible from the right side bar). We’ve also added a Smart Bar that allows easy access to your most common edit actions.

Please check our documentation for more information on how to use FlexBlock’s Text Editor.

Once you open your older blocks created with FlexBlock, the new text editor will be activated and may affect your text slightly. You will need to adjust it back. If you don’t open any of the blocks previously created with FlexBlock, they won’t be affected by this update.

Video Functionality

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome VIDEO OPTIONS!
A functionality that any videographer, photographer or creative business owner can use to their advantage and showcase mini clips, behind the scenes, About Me videos, and so much more.

Know that this is not just an “add a video” type of functionality, rather a “create breathtaking page sections with responsive autoplaying videos in a loop” type of option. Note that the autoplay functionality can be limited for mobile users due to Chrome 66+ restrictions (certain mobile browsers require user interaction before playing, hence adding an image and play button can help solve that).

While version. 1.1 supports only video links and embeds, know that with the next FlexBlock update you’ll be able to also use self hosted videos when building blocks, which allows more freedom for autoplay on mobile devices.

Here are a few more examples of video blocks you can create with FlexBlock. Don’t forget to also check our documentation for more information on how to use FlexBlock’s new video options.

How to Update

If you already have FlexBlock installed on your website, just update to v.1.1 to get these new features (sometimes you’ll also be required to clear your caches to see the new updates).

If you’re new to FlexBlock, download it from here. Be sure to also consult the documentation and tutorials to enjoy its full potential.


So are we! Imagine the possibilities and design layouts you can implement on your website now. All it takes is a daring idea and a good cup of coffee. The best part is that updates don’t stop here! There are MORE exciting things coming soon, all described here in FlexBlock’s Roadmap.

Flothemes Team
Empowering You.

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