Is my site mobile friendly?

Is my site mobile friendly? If thats the question came here to quickly ask, Flothemes passes the current & upcoming Google mobile updates, the short answer is YES. If you would like more details, then read on below.

Google Webmaster Notifications

Recently some of users have been receiving notifications from Google Webmaster tools suggesting that their mobile site is not mobile friendly. Google has been sending mass emails to users signed up with Google webmaster and to websites that Google deem non-mobile friendly.
If you have received one of these mails don’t panic we’ve got you covered. Our themes are natively mobile friendly as they are built on a responsive framework.

What is Google Updating?

On April 21st Google will be implementing a new search algorithm that will impact how websites are searched via mobile. Google will now acknowledge whether your website is mobile friendly or not when the user searches on a mobile device. Therefore having a mobile-friendly website has become much more important.


Is my Flotheme Mobile-friendly?

Flothemes are built on a responsive framework and therefore are natively mobile friendly. When we started developing our themes we decided on a “mobile up” approach as we understood that the web is a very dynamic and quickly changing environment.

Nonetheless some of you have received emails from Google Webmaster Tools saying that many of your webpages have critical mobile usability errors. After analyzing a few reports sent by our clients who’ve received these emails, we found out that most of the errors were caused by older themes or cached versions of the site as a result of a recent launch. The reason being that Google did not manage to reindex all of the pages after a recent theme update/change. Once the pages were reindexed the issues were resolved.


How to test my site?

Google launched a mobile friendly testing tool, mobile usability reports in Google Webmaster Tools, and mobile-friendly labels in the search results.

1. You can try out Googles mobile friendly tool on your own website here (just add your URL):


2. If you are using Google webmaster tools you can view your mobile usability options


3. Google also recommends you to use various third-party tools to go mobile-friendly with your web site


More specifically you can see the WordPress mobile guidelines:


An example of a Google mobile-friendly site will look like the following:


An example of a Google non mobile-friendly site will look like the following:


What to do if my site is failing the tests?

If you have the latest theme version and Google had enough time to index all of the pages, then you need to analyse all errors that Google Webmaster Tools is showing. Some of the errors, i.e. “Small font size” may be fixed using the typography settings in theme options. If there are other errors that can’t be fixed from the theme options and are not related to the content inserted in the blog posts (like Flash content), then disable all the available plugins and check again the live version of those pages using this tool.


If you think there are some critical errors that you don’t know how to fix, then contact us and provide detailed information about your site and Webmaster report, and we will do our best to help you.


If you are currently using a Flotheme template your website will be ready for the new Google updates, just make sure that your theme is up to date (**how to update theme**). Please use the tools available from Google to test your website, to make sure that they see no issues before April 21st. If there are, please contact us by using our ticket support system at and don’t forget to provide us with any Google reports to help us assist you.
If you are not an existing Flothemes user and are concerned about the new Google update, feel free to contact us at and we would be happy to assist with getting your site updated to one of our mobile friendly themes.

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