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Jacob Loafman’s website was actually a gifted custom project from Lukas Piatek. Lukas loved the custom website design we did for him so much, that he wanted to gift it to his friend and partner in crime at Lookslikefilm.

Working with Jacob was an incredibly fun and fascinating process. He had a very specific aesthetic in mind, bringing back what he remembered growing up as a kid, in a catalog type of feel. Our task was to capture that period of time, combine it with his destination work, and present his quirkiness in a more conventional way. With that, visually we kept the connection with a lot of different clientele, but also brought out Jacob’s very unique gender, character and style of work. For Jacob Loafman, it wasn’t so much about maturing his photography business or structuring his clientele, but more about letting people know about his brand, about him as an individual, and of course his style. He didn’t want to be hired by clients just as a quirky, standard hipster photographer, but rather a creative artist who is happy and willing to take risks and experiment through images. His clients would still get the “safe” type of photographs, but they would also receive more unique images from a trend perspective. Which is what Jacob provides to his customers.

So the website design was really meant to solidify and charm that new type of clientele. The brand is still a transitional brand, as it evolves, matures and develops into the type of clients that Jacob wants and will want to work with. However, at the moment it does exactly what he wanted, and results have been speaking for themselves, at least that’s what Jacob told us (smile):

Jacob Loafman Custom Website Design by Flothemes, wedding and conceptual photography

Jacob, how was it working with Flothemes on your new website?

“The process of working with Flothemes was SO simple. I had sent some inspiration that I enjoyed the layouts of, the main one being old JCPenney catalogs from the 70s. I just really enjoyed the random arrangements of the photos they used in those catalogs. As soon as I received some previews of the layout for my website, I WAS SO IMPRESSED. Flothemes understood EXACTLY what I was going for.”

What was the ultimate goal for this website redesign?

“The ultimate goal was to have a design that really helped show my quirkiness, but also to have a design that I would be happy with for many, many years. This goal was definitely accomplished.”

After launching your new site, how has that affected your business (if it has)?

“After my website launch, I have definitely noticed a spike in website traffic. I think my website is very welcoming, rather than “just another website” which helps people stay on my site longer. I have noticed a slight increase in inquiries, which could be a mixture of the new site and the SEO. The homepage is such a beautiful, unique display of my work. I go look at it sometimes just to get a feel for what the viewers are seeing, and so far, I haven’t had to make any changes. Overall, I truly do believe that viewers have a great experience surfing through my site.”

Check out the end result of this creative and captivating collaboration. Below are some snippets from Jacob Loafman’s website, but you can also take a look at it live here www.jacobloafman.com

Jacob Loafman Custom Website Design layouts by Flothemes, wedding and conceptual photography

Jacob Loafman Custom Website Design layouts by Flothemes, wedding and conceptual photography. about page

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If you feel it’s time to push your business and brand to the next level. If your style and aesthetics have evolved, while your branding and website do not reflect that. If you want to refine and narrow down the type of clientele you work with – we can guide and assist you through that process. Design is not just a pretty layout, it’s a visual strategy, that tells your stories, presents your work, and filters the clients you want to work with. If have questions about your current website and branding, or would like to discuss some potential ideas – leave us a message here. Let’s brainstorm together!

Read more about The Way Custom Design can affect your business here, and about our Custom Design Packages here.

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