16 Must-See WordPress Websites launched in November

We strongly believe that there are 3 things every creative entrepreneur should do every December – analyze the past, focus on the present, and plan for the future. This small ritual is especially important in a year as unusual and difficult as 2020. This year, even the smallest achievements should be celebrated like the big ones. You’ve kept your business standing strong during a global lockdown and chaos – you are a superstar and we root for you! 

Now, is the perfect time to create a strategy that will help you start 2021 on a confident, clear note. Figure out where you want to take your business in the new year, and break down this goal into small, achievable tasks. It will make a huge difference for your business, we promise!

Photo by Katie Jean

Today we want to celebrate your accomplishments. So many of you stayed busy this November and launched incredible new websites with our WordPress designs! Know that you are our biggest source of inspiration. Creating high-quality site templates for WordPress is twice as rewarding when you know that people from all around the world will use them with love, passion, and ingenuity. 

Take a look at these 16 brilliant websites launched in November. This list is particularly thrilling for us because it features the first EVER sites built with Nomade and Zephyr – 2 beautiful designs from our Fall 2020 collection. Scroll down and take your time to explore each example, and who knows? Maybe you’ll catch yourself planning your own big website revamp! 

María Lorian | Wedding Celebrant

marialorian.com | Built with Mono theme by Lorena León

Ash Bumgartner | Wedding Photographer

ashbaumgartner.com | Built with Elise theme

Karizma Photography | Wedding Photographer & Planner

karizma.photography | Built with Mono theme

The Wild Bloom | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

thewildbloom.com | Built with Nomade theme

Mona Silja | Wedding Photographer

monasilja.com | Built with Zephyr theme

Katie Jean | Wedding Photographer

katiejeanphotos.com | Built with Verso theme

Amélie Labarthe | Family & Portrait Photographer

amelielabarthephotography.com | Built with Elise theme by Carolina Liabot

Nici Schwab | Photographer & Branding Expert

nicischwab.de | Built with Mono theme

Snapp-Shot Photography | Family Photographer

snappshotphotography.com | Built with June theme

The Archivers Academy | Education for
Elopement Photographers

thearchiversacademy.com | Built with Mono theme

Tristan Perrier | Fine Art Wedding Photographer

tristanperrier.fr | Built with Elise theme

Richard Skins | Destination Wedding Photographer

richardskinsphotography.co.uk | Built with Mono theme

Tasso Mitsarakis | Wedding Photographer

tassomitsarakis.de | Built with Nomade theme

Magali Selvi | Lifestyle Photographer

magaliselvi.fr | Built with June theme by Caroline Liabot

BDV Photography | Architectural & Interiors Photographer

bdv.photography | Built with Mono theme

Bump Flow | Prenatal Yoga

bumpflow.com | Built with Elise theme

Ready to kick off 2021 with a website that you won’t be able to stop looking at? Want a website that will amaze every visitor, and help your clients understand that you are the person they were looking for all this time? How do you do this? Head over to our shop, choose the design that makes your heart bit a little faster, and add it to your cart. Use code “DECEMBER20” to get 20% off your new site. If you need an extra boost of inspiration, check out our Showcase Page! And don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions, or want help with choosing the perfect theme.  

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