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We are excited to present our sister company Squaremuse. Squaremuse offers unique premium Design Kits for Squarespace. You’ll be surprised to discover a collection of Flothemes inspired designs, available for Squarespace users, along with a variety of gorgeous, impactful, and unique layouts for photographers, videographers, designers, and other creative businesses.

Apart from website design kits, Squaremuse also offers beautiful pre-made templates for your Pricing Pages, with interactive sections and a calculator to enhance the way you present your investment packages. And… if you’re not ready to commit to a full website revamp, yet want to add a fresh vibe to your Squarespace site – you can always get a bunch of Custom Elements from Squaremuse. These are custom blocks, created for various purposes (from unique sliders, countdown timers, FAQs, and testimonials blocks, to newsletter sections, sticky menus, back to top buttons and so much more). 

Squaremuse offers website solutions for both, Squarespace 7.0 and 7.1 users.


Squaremuse is a great solution for creatives who want a professional-looking website that stands out among industry peers. It’s for those who love Flothemes’ aesthetic but would rather have their website built on Squarespace. 

If you’re considering switching platforms and moving from Flothemes to Squarespace, Squaremuse is your best solution. You can check out all their available designs here, including the FloMuse collection that has – Osaka, Porto, Crowd, Fiji, Lyra, and Elise. 


All Flothemes users and friends get to enjoy 25% Off their first Squaremuse design kit or pricing kit. Use code MUSE25 at checkout. 

Flo-Muse Collection


One of our most remarkable and popular themes is available for Squarespace users. Osaka is designed for storytellers, bloggers, and creatives who love sharing their adventures through visuals and enchanting narratives. A modern design, with delicate handwritten typography and overlapping elements, which find their balance and harmony through fine lines and soft color contrasts. Osaka is available for Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1.


Another Flothemes’ best-seller. Lyra is designed with commercial and educational brands in mind. It’s for creatives who hustle, provide mentorship, travel, and want a clear and captivating way to present their experience, knowledge, and offerings. Lyra is available for Squarespace 7.0.


Elise is a light, romantic website design kit, with a modern editorial twist. It’s perfect for wedding, fine art, editorial, film, family or portrait photographers, as well as planners or bridal designers. Elise is available for Squarespace 7.0.


Our top seller is of course Fiji. It’s an absolute classic and now available for Squarespace users. If you are a photographer, videographer, visual artist, florist, event planner, blogger, or any type of creative who wants a strong, impactful, and intuitive website design – Fiji is for you. Embrace its classic streamlined aesthetic and let your clients focus on the most important – your content. Fiji is available for Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1.


Another Flothemes bestseller. Porto is a sophisticated and elegant website design for photographers who want that classic, timeless feel for their portfolio and site. Porto is available for Squarespace 7.0.


One of our finest classics – Crowd is the definition of fine art with a bold, modern twist. It’s the perfect theme for any business that wants to present their portfolio in an airy, fine art, and timeless way. Crowd design kit is available for Squarespace 7.0 users.

Other Popular Squaremuse Designs


Cosi for Squarespace was created for artistic and ambitious brands. It speaks style and self-expression like no other design kit. Everything inside it will charm your website visitors to explore more – from its stylish layouts to its warm color palettes, playful graphics, and elegantly bold typography. Cosi is best suited for portrait, fashion, lifestyle, and commercial portfolios, and will do wonders for wedding photographers with an editorial style. On top of it, Cosi offers a modern layout for your online shop. This Design Kit is available for Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1.


MirĂł is a modern and fresh design, with seamless dynamic layouts and a creative, fun approach towards presenting your portfolio and blog. This visually refined design will be a perfect match for your editorial, portrait, wedding, or travel photography work. MirĂł is available for Squarespace 7.0.


A clean, minimalistic design kit with an editorial vibe – this is all about D’Avella. Tell a story through your work, by crafting an elegant, clean, and beautiful new site! D’Avella showcases your portfolio in a simple, and yet appealing way. It engages with your visitors, enabling them to explore your portfolio further. D’Avella is available for Squarespace 7.0.


Pricing Kits

With Squaremuse Pricing Kits, you can create powerful pricing pages for your Squarespace site. They include 30+ custom blocks to showcase your packages, process, testimonials, and a contact form. If you feel like it’s time to finally replace your old, boring, non-responsive Pricing PDF – choose a Pricing Kit. It gives your website a sophisticated, charming vibe while keeping it neat and professional. It’s suitable for a wide range of creatives – lifestyle, portrait, wedding or family photographers, wedding vendors, design studios, bloggers, or influencers. Squaremuse Pricing Kits are available for Squarespace 7.0 and come in 9 different layouts and styles.

Custom Elements

Custom Elements are premium Squarespace blocks designed for creative businesses who are not ready to go through a full website overhaul, but rather enhance certain sections or pages and make them more dynamic. These custom blocks will transform your website in a matter of minutes, make it more compelling without breaking the bank. Choose from engaging Sliders, Testimonial Blocks, FAQ Sections, Countdowns, Newsletter blocks, and more – all Custom Elements are available for Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1.

FREEBIE for Squarespace Users

Since it’s our sister company, we convinced Squaremuse to offer you a collection of FREE Custom Buttons for your Squarespace 7.0 and 7.1. Just to give the Custom Elements a try and understand the beauty and ease with which you can spice up your existing website in a matter of minutes!

Sign up for their newsletter and select the freebie you want to get. You can choose between CTA Buttons or Back to Top Buttons Collection 1.


And, if you’re curious to keep an eye on all the designs and elements that the Squaremuse team is creating, give them a follow on Instagram or Facebook!

With Love,
Flothemes Team.

Important: Squaremuse design kits are a separate product from Flothemes themes. You need a Squarespace account to be able to use Squaremuse design kits. Squaremuse is not affiliated with Squarespace. Flothemes themes are not compatible with Squarespace.

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