Flothemes Designs for Squarespace: Meet Squaremuse

We are happy and excited to announce that we’ve recently launched Squaremuse – unique premium Design Kits for Squarespace users, Yay!

Flothemes Designs for Squarespace Websites - Squaremuse, modern elegant design kits


As a team we are visually oriented and for the last decade in the industry we worked hard to continuously evolve and improve our creative solutions. We thought of Squaremuse as a solution for media creatives who desire a professional website that stands out among industry peers. For those who love the Flothemes aesthetics and products, but do not want to make a switch from Squarespace to WordPress.

Squaremuse - Flothemes Designs for Squarespace Websites, Black Friday 2016It’s really simple: Squaremuse is about design that is functional and beautiful. It is about improving lives and experiences – starting from site owners to their end users. We welcome you to check out below a quick review of the first 5 Design Kits, that are also available on Squaremuse’s shop with 40% OFF for Black Friday, using the discount code: FridayMuse40

Black Onyx

Flothemes Designs for Squarespace Websites - Squaremuse, Black Onyx, Nicole Mason photography

A stunning, visually refined, bold and ambitious design kit for modern creatives and trend-setting photographers, willing to showcase their work in a stylish and expressive way. Black Onyx offers unique moody layouts and customization features. View demo.


Flothemes Designs for Squarespace Websites - Squaremuse, Onyx, Nicole Mason photography

A classic design with a modern, clean layout for photographers who want to impress and stand out. Onyx is well suited for any wedding, family or travel photographer willing to showcase their work in a powerful, attractive and modern manner. View demo.


Flothemes Designs for Squarespace Websites - Squaremuse-Editorial, Jennifer Sosa

Designed for photographers who want a portfolio that stands out in a fashionable, expressive and creative way. Editorial offers a wide range of aesthetic choices to help you craft an elegant, yet modern and attractive layout, and ensure a smooth and visually stimulating experience for your audience. View demo.


Flothemes Designs for Squarespace Websites - Squaremuse-chalk - Erich Mcvey photography

Chalk is a perfect example of “classic meets modern”. A clean and polished design that alludes an aura of elegance, character and refined aesthetics. Chalk is perfect for videographers and photographers looking for a creative and beautiful way to showcase their work and brand online. View demo.


Flothemes Designs for Squarespace Websites - Squaremuse-Sicilia - Vitor Lindo Photography

Sicilia is a classic elegant style kit, with gorgeous typography treatment and delicate design elements, to perfectly match your refined visual style and create an enchanting experience for your site visitors. Make clients fall in love with your brand and work from the first clicks. View demo.

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With Love,
Flothemes Team.

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