4 Useful SEO Options in FloPicTime Plugin

The FloPicTime plugin allows you to easily integrate your Pic-Time galleries into your WordPress website. This allows you to display beautifully minimal online galleries into your Flothemes website.

If you’re not familiar with Pic-Time yet, check out this article where we explain why we believe that they offer some of the most powerful up-selling tools for any photography business delivering client media.

The main question we have been asked is – can I use my Pic-Time galleries as blog posts and galleries making them SEO friendly? The short answer is you can, but keep reading to find out more about the exact SEO settings we’ve included with this initial plugin release.

We all care about SEO and loading times, how much time is invested into selecting the correct keywords, optimizing content, improving your site’s discoverability and organic ranking. For that reason, we’ve included a list of SEO options inside the FloPicTime plugin, which include:

  • Image optimization – the optimization is performed by Pic-Time and our plugin serves them on your website. Here is how it works: when you upload JPEG images to your galleries inside your Pic-Time account, the system will compress them without altering their quality, so your clients can use the high-resolution photos for print. This process can help you save up to 70% of file storage. Also, since the images will remain stored on Pic-Time’s servers, yet displayed on your website – the image optimization feature guarantees a fast loading gallery on your website, aka positive use experience. 
  • Lazy Loading – this option allows you to gradually load images on your website as the user scrolls through your page, instead of loading them all at once and slowing down your site. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who have large image galleries (over 20 images per gallery).
  • Responsive Images – We are using the srcset attribute toserve appropriate image sizes to corresponding devices. For example: if your visitors are browsing from a mobile device, they will see images with lower resolutions, so that the web page loads faster and smoother.
  • Alt Tags and Titles – Alt tag is one of the most important attributes of your image and has a high impact on your image SEO. Search engines use alt tags to better understand what are your images about. With FloPicTime plugin you have a dedicated section to add alt tags and titles to your images.

Learn more about our FloPicTime plugin here. Our SEO Features come included with our PRO license of this plugin only.

Are you Interested to learn more about Image SEO? Click here for your comprehensive image SEO guide, and remember that your photos are your main business asset with a website, optimizing your media greatly enhances your exposure and visibility in search results online.

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