Ember | A website design for Workshops, Online Conferences and Educational Events

We’re excited to introduce you to the 4th and last website design from our new theme collection – Ember!

If you missed the other 3 introductions, check out our Zephyr theme for Design Studios & Creative Brands, Nomade theme for Videographers & Active Educators, and Nessa theme for Educators, Influencers and Ambitious Boss Babes.

All four of these website designs are available with a HUGE 35% OFF for Black Friday Sale!

Meet Ember | A website design for Workshops, Online conferences and Educational Events

Ember is a high impact, stylish, and straightforward kind of theme. It’s sole purpose is to present and promote your educational events, webinars, or courses. Ember is fully packed with blocks and layouts meant to help you present the speakers, event program, success stories, pricing options, payment plans, benefits, perks, special deals, and so much more!

It’s the perfect website template for result-driven creatives who love building sales funnels, marketing campaigns, and strong landing pages that get conversions. 

Who is Ember for?

Ember is built for workshops, online conferences, educational events, and those who offer mentorship or courses. It will also be a great fit for business consultants and marketing gurus.

Why Ember is perfect for Workshops, Online conferences and Educators?

Let’s agree that not everybody loves doing sales. Most of us hate the idea of coming across as “salesy” and need some guidance on how to present a product in a way that will make people want to buy it. For Ember, we’ve analyzed hundreds of landing pages, sales techniques, and events to present you with powerful and effective layouts that will get the job done.

You’ll find a variety of pre-made blocks to present the benefits of your event or product, how it can affect your user’s life, what are the perks, who are the sponsors, what’s the timeline and event program, who are the speakers, what are the pricing and payment options, when does the event start, when does the special deal end, and so on and so forth. Ember is powered by Flex, which means you get maximum design freedom while customizing your website on desktop and mobile. 

You can add imagery, videos, GIFs, branding elements and Countdown Timers
It’s everything you will ever need to create a successful and highly converting website.

What’s included with Ember theme?

  • A fully customizable WordPress theme, with 20+ predesigned page layouts, 100+ unique page blocks, that you can use straight out of the box or tweak to your own needs and vision.
  • Designated Sales Driven pages to help you present your workshop, online conference, educational course, etc. Custom pages to present Event Programs, Speaker Bio, Online Resources, etc. 
  • Ember’s unique style kit, with an easy to manage color and typography system. You can easily change all colors and fonts and adapt them to your own branding. 
  • Flex editor, which lets you personalize and customize everything inside your Flex blocks and layouts. From the size and placement of elements to their color, opacity, and movement. Flex also allows you to create your own sections from scratch if you want to bring in new design ideas and layouts. 
  • Maximum control over your mobile website. You can tweak, edit, and adjust your site’s layout on mobile to optimize the experience users have on your site.
  • Documentation and video tutorials to guide you through each step of the website creation process.

Customization Examples | How Ember adapts to various styles and content

Though this theme looks incredible right out of the box, we did some experiments and applied various branding and imagery to see how it adapts. The results are so good looking! See for yourself: 

Ember with an Adventurous, Bold Style
Photo credits: dallinandcienna.com

Ember with an Airy, Fine Art Style
Photo credits: pexels.com

Ember with a Fun, Colorful and Modern Style
Photo credits: pexels.com

Ready to get Ember?

Ember is available for purchase with a sweet 35% discount. Use code: BF2020 on cart page.

Get Ember here.

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