Introducing Pronto All-in-One | Roadmap 2022

Since our very first template release, our mission has been to create intuitive, design-driven templates that craft a unique experience for you and your clients, with the right technology choices.

Over the years we have built many versions of WordPress templates and have remained a lean company to make changes when technology and the industry evolved or shifted. As the tech world and market continues to advance at a faster pace, with growing needs, so must we, in order to maintain a product that supports your business online.

We’re thankful to have designed and released 40+ templates over the years, with tens of thousands of grateful customers using our themes to showcase their work and book clients. Each new theme launch brought new opportunities and empowered business owners with full control over the way they present their brand and website, online. However, the one time purchase model allowed users to access only specific layouts and features at a time, based on the theme they had. We want to remove this limitation, so each and every one of you can fully benefit from all the options, designs and features that Flothemes offers.

Introducing Pronto All-In-One

With the dawn of a new season emerging post Covid, the needs of our clients have evolved, as many have changed their offerings and area of work. We want to support you through this growth and transformation process, and enable you with a full set of tools that can help you adapt fast to any industry and business shift.

We are pleased to introduce a new simplified product that provides both full customization flexibility and delivers on performance, all in one. Our customers should be able to experience the best of both:

  1. Flex Builder – our drag and drop design tool which allows the flexibility to create any type of page layout and block, adjust it for mobile devices and animate its components to make it more interactive.
  2. Pronto – our Gutenberg lightweight theme core, optimized for performance and speed, allowing you access to WordPress native options to build your site and SEO strategy.
pronto all in one flothemes roadmap 2022

With Pronto All-In-One our clients will benefit from design options without having to rebuild their site all over from scratch. They also get:

  • Full access to 300+ layout designs from our Flex block library
  • The ability to change template designs with our style kits at any time
  • 9 starter site templates to get started faster
  • Access to FloForms Pro and our Style Kits library
  • Our credit removal plugin
  • Theme and plugin Support

Pronto All-in-One is available via subscription at $169/year, and starting January 2022 it will become our main product offering moving forward.

Roadmap 2022

Our goal is to continue delivering website design freedom to all creative business owners. With Pronto All-in-One all our users will be able to fully benefit from the design options provided by Flex, as well as enjoy better site performance thanks to the core that integrates directly with Gutenberg. Hence, starting with January 2022, Pronto All-in-One will become our main product offering moving forward.

While our themes won’t be available for stand-alone purchase any longer, all our existing customers who own a 1-time payment theme, will continue receiving support, and will have an option to upgrade to Pronto All-in-One when they decide to.

We are excited for what 2022 will bring, as we are one step closer to a WordPress solution that expands web design capabilities, making it accessible to anyone.


  • When will Pronto All-in-One be available for upgrade?
    Pronto All-in-One will be available starting 22nd of November as a subscription option at $169/year. You can find more information on on
  • What are the terms to upgrade to Pronto All-in-One and how can I do it?
    If you’re an existing Flothemes client, starting November 22nd, when you log into your account on you will find more information and the terms for upgrading to Pronto All-in-One. Those who recently purchased a theme, support subscription or style kits subscription, may be eligible for a discount. All this information you will find inside your My Account area.
    If you’re new to Flothemes, you can find all details on
  • Will my Flextheme continue receiving support?
    Yes, nothing changes for you. You will continue receiving support and updates for your theme as per our usual terms.
  • I am a Classic theme user, what happens with my theme?
    We continue supporting our Classic theme users throughout 2022, as per our usual terms. If you have an active support subscription you benefit from our team’s assistance with questions and issues. If your support subscription has expired, you can choose to pay per request/ticket.
  • What’s the difference between Pronto and Pronto All-in-One?
    With Pronto All-in-One you get our improved theme core – Pronto, along with our library of style kits, Flex blocks, page templates, Flo Forms Pro, Flo Credits Removal and support for your theme. It’s everything you’ll need to build a strong, elegant and effective website that helps you grow your business and get more clients in 2022.
  • My site is already on Pronto theme version, does it make sense to upgrade to Pronto All-in-One? I
    It all depends on your website needs. As a Pronto user, you already benefit from the new theme core, optimized for performance. You also get to enjoy more Gutenberg native options when designing your website. By upgrading to Pronto All-in-One, you will get access to an exciting library of Flex blocks (300+), all the style kits that we currently offer, as well as 40+ ready made page templates to help you build/update your website fast.
  • Can I use Pronto All-in-One on multiple websites?
    The license for Pronto All-in-One is applicable to 1 domain at a time. The Pronto theme files cannot be activated on several domains at the same time.
  • What happens to my website when I decided to cancel the subscription?
    If you decide to cancel (not renew) your Pronto All-in-One subscription, you will lose all control over the Flexblock editor. This means that you will not be able to edit any existing Flex blocks (including the header and footer), and you won’t be able to create new Flex blocks. You will also stop receiving any updates and support for your website. Yet all your pages will remain intact on the front end and will be available for your site visitors to browse through.
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