Tasha Renae Wade | Preparing Your Business for Relocation & Making it More Inclusive | FloInsider Ep #7

Welcome to episode #7 of FloInsider, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs who want a fresh perspective on business, communication, art, design, branding, and life as we know it.

Our wonderful hosts, Saori & DeVante from Spirit of Revelry dive into serious and important topics that everyone needs to hear about. They chat with Tasha Renae Wade, one of the two photographers at Fernweh + Fair Photography, about the steps you need to take when relocating your business, as well as how representative and inclusive the photography space actually is.

Tasha photographs weddings, families, military couples, and boudoirs. She’s based in North Carolina and moving to Southern California soon.

In this candid and thought-provoking episode, our wonderful hosts Saori & DeVante, chat with Tasha about marketing and promo ideas for someone who plans to relocate their business into a new city or country, but also about some far more serious and relevant questions:

  • How to avoid tokenism?
  • How to make your brand a safer and more inviting space for clients of all skin colors and genders?
  • How to deal with racism and mean comments that come from strangers or the network of your clients? 
  • and so much more!

This episode is a must-listen for everyone, but especially for photographers and creative vendors who genuinely want to make their business more inclusive and considerate for all clients.

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Here are some few cliff notes from the interview with Tasha Renae Wade, yet be sure to give it a full listen:

  • If you’re planning to relocate to a new place, start targeting clients from that specific area 6 months before the big move. Geo-tag that location on social media, use localized hashtags, join local wedding groups and connect with local creatives.
  • If you want to become more inclusive and transform your photography into a safe space for people of all races and colors, start by connecting with someone local, who already does it. Ask them if they can mentor you or take you to some of their shoots, so you can learn from and expand your network.
  • If you genuinely want to become more inclusive, be patient and ready to be shut down a little bit. Keep in mind that people don’t owe you anything; they are not obliged to reply to your model calls or styled shoots. 
  • Not everybody might be receptive right now. If you decided to reach out to people of color directly, or via Facebook photography groups, be extra careful and sensitive with how you approach the matter and communicate.

If you want to connect to Tasha Renae Wade and explore her work, check her website here:  fernwehandfairphotography.com

Tasha can also be found on Instagram: @fernwehandfairphoto.

An immense thank you goes to our wonderful podcast hosts – Saori & DeVante. They are a talented photography duo from Houston, USA. You can check out their wedding photography work here: spiritofrevelry.com.

They also recorded episodes about the Unspoken Rules of getting into business with your partner and chatted with Rianon Stephens about various ways you can scale your business. Don’t miss these great and insightful interviews. Subscribed to FloInsider via your favorite streaming platform to give them all a listen!

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