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If you’ve been following our work for a while now, you have surely heard us passionately talking about Flexthemes and FlexBlock on multiple occasions. However, unless you are an existing Flothemes client, you’re probably having a very vague understanding of what all these Flex things are, and why we are so obsessed with the possibilities and website design options they offer.

We’ve already written a comprehensive article on what FlexBlock and Flexthemes are, and why you should give them a try. Nonetheless, let’s see a brief definition:

What is FlexBlock?

FlexBlock is a plugin and a powerful visual editor that allows you to create custom blocks and layouts for your website. You can pair it with any Classic theme (i.e. Cube, Kyoto, Crowd II, Osaka, Porto II, Leon, Trento, LVY II, Fiji II, Evora, Cannes, Rosemary, Narcisse, Milea) thus adding more design options and customization freedom to your original template. It enables you to create beautiful, modern and unique page sections on your website, simply by drag and dropping elements around. You control their size, placement, color, font, linkage, etc. You can have images overlapping with text, parallax movement, videos on autoplay, and so much more. Basically, those beautiful inspirations you’ve been collecting from Pinterest, can now come to life on your own website. And you don’t have to break the bank to do it, because there’s no code required. Everything is so intuitive and visual, you can create it on your own.

To illustrate the design possibilities, here are some websites based on a Classic theme, but greatly changed and enhanced with the help of FlexBlock:

Sophie Asselin

Website built with FlexBlock on Narcisse theme

Nirav Patel

Website built with FlexBlock on Milea theme

Marcela Pulido

Website built with Porto II theme + FlexBlock

Wednesday + October

Website built with Narcisse theme + FlexBlock

What are FlexThemes?

If you’re new and wondering what it’s like to build a website with Flothemes, it’s basically like playing with Legos. All your pages are made out of blocks. You can mix and match them, reorder, remove the ones you don’t need, add new ones from a gallery of premade templates OR create new, original ones.
When you buy a theme from us, you get 100+ various pre-designed blocks that you can experiment with to build pages. Our users had always got to enjoy a certain level of flexibility and design options with any theme we launched, yet FlexThemes completely changed the game.

FlexThemes are a new generation of website themes for WordPress. They have FlexBlock integrated into their framework and 90% of the blocks inside are Flex. In other words, when you buy a FlexTheme, you get the possibility to tweak and change the tiniest details on your website, on desktop or mobile, hence gaining maximum control over how everything looks. Many of our clients are comparing website building to an art project, where they get to express and embed their personality and voice 100% intro their site.

Here are a few recent examples of websites built by our clients with Flexthemes:

Sebastien Bicard

Website built with Lyra theme

Patrick Egerding Videografie

Website built with June theme

Will Patrick Weddings

Website built with Elise theme

Julia and Gil

Website built with Verso theme

Brandi Potter

Website built with Velvet theme

Mauro Beoletto

Webstie built with Faro theme

In case you’re one of those people who need to read a bunch of unbiased reviews from real-life users before making the final decision, check out our Clients Reviews article! There, we’ve gathered a whole bunch of messages from Flexthemes and FlexBlock users.

So, how do I work with FlexBlock?

Now, when when all questions have been answered and you have a better understanding of what you’re dealing with here, let’s get to the fun part.

A few, step by step video tutorials teaching you how to work with FlexBlock, how to create simple layouts with it, and what type of functionality is hiding under its hood. The best part, is that these tutorials were filmed by a new member of our team, who was testing and learning how to use FlexBlock. This allowed us to tackle the little details and take a slower pace at showing you how to build layouts with Flex. We hope you’ll join the challenge and follow these short tutorials to get comfortable with using FlexBlock, before you roll up your sleeves and create a truly unique and exceptional masterpiece with your site design.


Practice makes perfect, are we right? Try following along with these tutorials to get the hang of it, and we promise that with 15-20 minutes a day spent on learning how FlexBlock works, you’ll be unstoppable. You’ll know exactly how to bring to life any design idea or website layout.

Also, if you need some extra inspiration or more examples of websites built with FlexThemes, we have a full arsenal for you to check out on our Showcase Page.

Flothemes Team,
Inspiring You.

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